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Past Weeks :  
Geezer Quiz 11.26.14

Q:  On the new list of Top 10 Company Slogans ever, DeBeers is #1 with "A Diamond is Forever", #2 was Nike's "Just Do It".  What was number 3 on the list? 

A. Got Milk?  
B. Don’t Leave Home Without It  
C. Great Taste, Less Filling.

A:  Got Milk?
Geezer Quiz 11.25.14

Q:  On average you'll visit this place 16 times per year, where is it? 

A.  The Bank  
B. The Post Office  
C. McDonalds

A:  The Post Office
Geezer Quiz 11.24.14

Q:  60% of people aged 18-29 say they don’t have one of these.  What is it? 

A. Credit Card  
B. Political Party Affiliation  
C. A savings account

A:  Credit Card