"Why Do You Listen to STUDIO 1430?" -

Bob from Terhune, IN
I really miss Rick, the music and his programing. Now that I know I can listen to KEZW on my laptop, I'm going to become a regular. It's like bringing a little bit of Colorado to Indiana. Keep up the great work Rick.

Karen from Woodruff, SC
I miss Colorado. Used to listen every evening to When Radio Was when I was going home from work.

Loretta from Lakewood, CO
The music brings back such fond memories and such a great variety of music too. Keep it up. Love Rick Crandall too. He makes me laugh when he laughs.

David from Parker, CO
The music is awesome! Makes you want to hum or whistle along with the music.

Pat from Bailey, CO
Love the variety of music especially the big band era. I can imagine what it was like in my Mom and Dad's day.

Tracy from Honolulu, HI
I just love the music. I am a baby boomer but I have always loved the music of my mother's era. We don't really have a music station like yours in Honolulu.

Ellie from Lynnwood, WA
The best music on the air anywhere!

Mike from Cookeville, TN
I really enjoy the nostalgic music you play. To be honest I was a loyal listener with 1530 KCMN in Colorado Springs (lived there for almost 33 years, retired from CSFD)then they were bought out and the format changed. Listened to them over the radio while in CS and later via computer after moving to TN. When 1530 changed their format went looking on internet for more nostalgic radio and found 1430. Am very pleased you're also a CO station and really enjoy your music. Thanks so much and please don't change. As another listener put it, paraphrasing, "KEZW is an oasis in the wasteland of radio." All the others sound much the same. Thank you for real entertainment.

Donna from Stuart, FL
We love listening to The Main Course!

Gwendanie from Wheatland, WY
My kind of music!

Gary from San Diego, CA
The wonderful mix of timeless music. It sounds even better on a sailboat in San Diego Bay.

Marilee from Cincinnati, OH
Love the music!

Paul from Phoenix, AZ
I love the great music and the format, especially the patriotic songs and support of our troops. You never have to explain or apologize for anything you hear, on the music or from the DJs. Family friendly!

Deb from Arvada, CO
I love you guys so much that I have taken you on vacation down to Mexico...

Barb from Buffalo, NY
Love the music!

Alan from Las Vegas, NV
I always listened when I lived in Denver and listen now in Las Vegas.

Kathy from Concord, CA
This is the music I grew up with and have such warm memories.

William from Port Jefferson, NY
Love the music and the personalities. Makes me feel comfortable in these crazy times. A listener for life!

Louis from Woodward, OK
Love the music!

Ove-Bill in Bastad, Sweden
Member of DESS in Sweden. DESS stands for Duke Ellington Society.

John Miller Orchestra from Chatham, UK
Great easy listening.

Mary Ann from Bettendorf, IA
Just moved back to Iowa after living in Denver 26 years. Discovered KEZW while living in Denver & was delighted to learn I could bring you with me to Iowa via the internet. You are an oasis in the music desert. Please don't ever stop, or change your music content. Your music soothes the soul & enables me to "time-travel" in my mind. Love you!

John from Blytheville, AR
Enjoy the station. Nothing like it here.

Don from West Jordan, UT
Love the music. Best in the world!

Andres from Paraguay
Que gusto escuchar tan buena musica. Gracias.

Lowell from Bonita Springs
Star Spangled Radio Hour

Louis from Dallas, TX
It's like no other station.

Skip from Seattle, WA
I split time between Denver, San Diego and Seattle...KEZW plays music that relives my youth in the 1950s and 1960s. Do not stop what you are doing!

Andre from Rotterdam, The Netherlands
I just love the music!

Glenn from Elkhart, IN
Listened when I lived in Denver before I moved in 1988 and am pleased to find I can still find the same good music 24 years later. Enjoy your music and info mix.

Bill from Charleston, SC
This is my music. In one era and out the other!

Anetta from Walden, CO
I grew up in Longmont and found this wonderful station many years ago. Then I moved to Wyoming, where are the stations play country. Then I discovered I could listen to KEZW online! Wow! What a thrill to at last be able to listen to my favorite music on my favorite station! Thanks! :)

Edwin from Eagle River, Alaska
Wonderful radio!

Dean from Arvada, CO
Love the music. Grew up listening to it.

Celestine from Aurora, CO
The music is great and so are the Garden Pros and When Radio Was. I also enjoy the BBB program with Dale Mingleton on Wednesdays. Very helpful and informative. This must be the only radio station that gives the news every hour on the hour.

Scott from Littleton, CO
The music reminds me of when I grew up spending weekends at my grandparents. Plus there is music that I can relate to from the 60s and 70s - brings back great memories. This music is timeless and priceless! Thanks for streaming and being on the air after many decades!

Steven from Denver, CO
I love the music. You can understand it.

J.R. from Edgewater, MD
I just like the music. I grew up on it. 

Gerry from Makati, Philippines
I listen to 1430 in my office. The music is very soothing and relaxing. It relieves some pressures from work. It's daytime here in the Philippines while KEZW is on its nightime programs.

Emanuela from Denver
I love the music. It makes me feel cozy and that feeling of well-being!

Judy from San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
I listen in Denver and now I can listen here. I love your music and Rick Crandall is the best!

Peter from Datteln, Germany
I grew up in the 50s and your wonderful music brings back a lot of memories. Thank you very much!

Arby from Vancouver, WA
Nostalgia lives! Thanks!

Helen from Fauln, Sweden
I was led here, followed a tagged path. :) Saw my spot on the globe "signal" on your site. Nice music, pleasant listening to!  Best regards to Denver, Colorado!

Gordon from Sebastian, FL
I like the format and music.

Sepideh from Tehran, Iran
I just love the songs! :) it makes me happy!

Carol from Naples, FL
The best station. Great music. Terrific!

Phil from Aldershot, England
Love Glenn Miller's Music...the greatest!

Connie from Denver, CO
Plays my kind of music!

Patricia from Fontana, CA
KEZW cares about so many things dear to my heart. Love what they do for Veterans. Mailed my package of Valentines yesterday. Brings back such treasured memories.

Alan from Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Superb reminder of home. Thank you.

Art from Sidney, NE
The best. You don't intrude on getting work done.

Bill from Salisbury, MD
I love the variety. In just a short time I heard music from over 40% of my lifetime and from a few years before. I appreciate music without profanity and gratuitous screaming. I've missed this kind of radio programming for so long since everyone seems intent on playing the same thing at nauseum. What a treat for the ears! Not to mention all the memories these songs bring back.

Bob from Nottingham, England
Love big band music, especially Glenn Miller

Louis from Woodward, OK
I left Colorado in 2005 (I know big mistake) but I loved listening to KEZW. Thank you for providing this on the internet. I can enjoy the music and long for home.

Stefanie from Hamburg, Germany
It's the best music in the world. It always makes me happy to listen to KEZW...I've searched a swinging radio station and I found heaven. ;)

Marlon from Bacolod City, Philippines
Studio 1430 brings back pleasant memories when music was really music. I just love hearing these old music which makes me feel young again.

Cathy from Greenwood, IN
Love the music!

Charles from Milltown, NJ
I listen on my cell phone. Love the music you play and your other shows.

Michael from Champaign, IL
I love the music, especially the Big Band 1940's music!

David from San Antonio, TX
Great Glenn Miller music!

Tom from Rocky Mount, NC
My kind of music!

Cathy from Greenwood, IN
The best music all of the time.

Maria from Garden City, KS
I like the mix, most days.

Tom from Manalapan, NJ
High quality big band music makes 1430 number 1!

Mary from Littleton, CO
Because of the upbeat, informative, fun and pertinent info and music that is more than just pleasant, it's REAL MUSIC! Not junk sounds erroneously called music today. Songs with words, lovely instrumentals, real melodies, you have it all. Thanks so very much for your terrific format and dedication to keeping Great Music alive today.

Emily from Dayton, OH
We love the old-time classics that remind me of what my grandparents used to play. We LOVE the Christmas music too!

Rich from Cozumel
Tradition, American values, nostalgia, warm family feelings, hope and optimism for the New Year.

Don from Dorchester, NE
My son sings in Sound of the Rockies and told me about the replay of the Christmas concert. This is now my favorite radio station! Thank you!!

Karl from Mundelein, IL
The quality and variety of music played. Keep it coming.

Marilee from Dillon, CO
Better music is not found!

Robert from Albuquerque, NM
The best music ever!

Nev from Grafton NSW Australia
Great oldies music!

Sandy from Westminster, CO 
Always plays my kind of music.

Ed from Littleon, CO
I listen all day M-F. Especially in the early morning. You guys are the best!

Roy from Dwygyfylchi, Wales, UK
Rarely hear fine music like this these days. Just great!

Nev from Grafton NSW Australia
Great oldtime music & my wife Jan & I love it!

Chris in Westminster, CO
KEZW helps me cut through the hustle and bustle of the everyday and brings me back to something special and classic with the music and on-air personalities.

J.B. from Sidney, NE
The music is good stuff!

Pilar from Waianae, Hawaii
Great nostalgia music. Old Times good.

Elizabeth from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
I used to live in Arvada, and love the music. I was upset I had to move away, but thanks to technology and 1430 broadcasting, I listen on the internet. Thank you so very much for the great programs. Don't ever stop, as most cities did away with this music.

Linda from Denver, CO
KEZW has been waking me up for the past 15+ years. There is nothing quite like getting up to the wonderful voice of Johnny Mathis or other crooners back in the day! Thank you KEZW!!

Charles from Phoenix, AZ
I love the music and the whole programming. It's GREAT!

Andre from Lage, Germany
It is the greatest music in the whole wide world!

J.R. from Edgewater, MD
I like the music and listen in the A.M.

Joyce from Youngstown, OH
Real music and lyrics you can understand - LOVE all the singers, especially Engelbert!!!

Joe K from Bradenton, FL
My kind of music - great format!

Marianne M. from Grafton, WV
Just moved from Denver and miss everything and everyone. Listening to KEZW brings me closer.

Mary P from Aurora, CO
I stumbled upon KEZW about 18 years ago and fell in love with the songs and the staff! I lost my parents about that time and listening to this station brings back warm, great memories. I feel like we're family!

Julie C. from Roswell, NM
Hello, I live in the state of New Mexico. I listened to your radio station online for the very first time last night. I really liked it! I'm 33 and I loved the variety of music. I plan on listening online again in the future.

Lewis D. from Fredericksburg, Texas, USA
Real music you can listen to and enjoy!

Roger K. from Stafford, Virginia
My parents used to live in the Denver area. When we would go out to visit them, they only listened to KEZW, and it's not hard to understand why. Your music and on-air personalities are outstanding.

Chuck R. from Clovis, NM
The music takes me back to My teen years. The fun in high school, the drive inn's and sooo many first's!!!!!

Connie from Bailey, Co
My late father listened to 1430 for years and now it's all I listen to. This station is one class act and this is the best music in the world. This stuff just makes me happy and even shed a tear or two. We are lucky to have them here in Denver.

Ronald B. from Willamina, Oregon
KEZW was my favorite station all the years I lived in the Denver area, and it is still my favorite station after moving away nearly ten years ago. Never, ever change the format. You are a treasure.

Paolo D. in Lisbon, Portugal
I love American standards. Music of all time...

Arnold in Linz, Austria
I love your classic hits that you don't hear anywhere else. It's perfect to relax.

Sherol & Roger in Biloxi, MS
We live in Littleton but are snowbirds. We love taking KEZW along with us in our motorhome on our winter travels!

from Bruce & Linda in Coffs Harbour, Australia
We're involved in community radio & present a program of adult standards. Recently discovered Studio 1430 -delightful music, your playlist is first class. Many thanks keep up the great work.

from Ken T in Hastings, New Zealand
As a vocalist, I love the old standards and your wonderful format beams through here, loud and clear. Thank you so much for being there! 

from Maria in Clermont, FL
Because it's music soothes the soul and gives an "at home" caring, feeling. Great programming too! 

from Sabine K in Madrid, Spain

I have found you guys today through the Website SurfMusik.de and I have no words to express how HAPPY I am cause from now on I finally can hear the kind of music that I LOVE! Thank you sooooo much! Wish you a blessed 2010 with lots of divine miracles! Love and Peace...

from Hugh M in Westminster/Aurora, CO
It is the only station where timeless music is available. Rick has become part of my family. I spent 26 years in the service and wish that streaming music would have been available when I was over there. Keep the tunes rolling. God Bless you all.

from Sandy in Bradenton, Florida
I tuned in a couple years ago to hear a live streaming "barbershop" show and have listened every since. That is during the winters in Florida and summers in Michigan.

from Tom in Allentown, Pennsylvania
I found you 3 years ago on the internet and haven't stopped listening since. This is the greatest radio station in the world.

from MaryJane in Katonah, NY
I Discovered KEZW while visiting CO. Now I listen via computer and feel closer to all my Colorado family.

from John L in Volcano, Hawaii
Great timeless music, and I can stream you from the internet. Keep up the good sounds that keep us going.

from Vernon J in Davenport, Iowa
My big brother in Boulder told me about you. i do enjoy your variety and have added your station to my favorites.

from Ernie L in Welwyn Garden City, England
first of all, the great music I grew up with... what more can I add? just lovely relaxing music. keep up the great work!

from Francisco in Santiago, Chile

from Jeff in Leon, Spain
I love listening to Swing music. Whenever I hear a clarinet, I think of my dad.

from Dan in Helena, MT
I was in Dever for Thanksgiving and found this and I really enjoyed the variety so now I will be listening on line. Thank you

from Hank I in Franktown, CO
I grew up in the 50's and this is what real music is all about. Thanks. Also enjoy your web site. Great job!

from Kathie in Louisville, KY
I was looking for good 'old, real' music. This has been a wonderful treat! I click 'onine' and just listen. Even leave it on to go to sleep by it.

from Roger in Berlin, Germany
Discovered the station on a recent trip to Denver! Great standards!

from Randy L in Vail, CO
After moving to the Vail valley, couldn't find anything close to KEZW. Now, I am able to pick up the signal in my car... though a weak signal, it's like coming home.

from Brenda in Lakewood, CO
Best music and DJ's to be found anywhere! I'm 36 and sometimes think I should have been born in a different time - KEZW lets me pretend I was :)

from Steve G. in Laramie, Wyoming
I grew up with the old KOSI AM 1430 (as a TEENAGER!!) When I picked it up on my radio one day from Wyoming, the music actually made me cry (it was so good to hear songs I hadn't heard in 40 years!) How wonderful to hear it without the static and fading, on the internet. Thank you!!!

from Mike in Denver, Pa.
Real live radio! You cannot find that around here. Everything is automated...with loud rock!

from Joni D. in Exline, Iowa
I lived in Colorado for more than 35 years and was an active listener. Two years ago, my husband and I retired from Coors Brewing Company and built our dream home in southern Iowa. KEZW keeps us connected to our beloved state of Colorado! THANKS!

From Kandy in Lakewood, CO -
My dad worked in his uncle's tavern and my mother would visit him and bring me when I was a baby and place me near the jukebox . I use to fall asleep to the music and know a lot of songs by heart. I was named after "Candy" that came out the year I was born... 1945. I love all the music KEZW plays! It makes me happy as I sing along!

From Marcia in Sante Fe, NM -
Finally found the station I've been looking for. Don't change the format. I just love it...

From Gerald in Winder, OR
GREAT MUSIC & PERSONALITIES; it was a great city during Lowrey AFB days in 1955 and I will revisit before THAT LAST DAY ! i will NEVER forget that GREAT CITY !!

From Jeff in Castle Rock, CO -
The Timeless Classics!

From David in Ogden, UT -
Because of the great variety of music not available on local radio stations or other web sites. Please don't ever change your format--there is still an audience for this wonderful music!

From Wanda in Littleton, CO -
love the music, radio shows, listener support, veteran support (especially WWII), LOVE RICK CRANDAL, interviews, personal nature ...what do I love about Studio 1430? EVERYTHING!

Nancy in Castle Rock, CO
They play the music I grew up with. Besides I really like Rick & the things he does for the vet's. Have 3 grandson's in Army-1 just finished 2 tours in Iraq, 1 is getting ready to go back to Afghanistan, 1 just left with a humanitarian stint in Uganda.

Ken from Cupertino, CA
Greatest music in the world!

John in Aurora, CO
In my retirement years, I may get up feeling a little below-par, but I tune in to Rick and feel great!

Harold in Edgewater, CO
The music, the poeple and because you can't get it anywhere but here. GOOD WORK!

Mary Lou from Englewood, CO
Love the "timeless" music. Brings back many happy memories!

Carol from Centennial, CO
The great music and the slower, less frantic commercials! It makes my commute less stressful.