Geezer Quiz 7.25.14

Q:  Nearly 40% of people say THIS is the biggest fashion faux pas during the Summer.  

A. Sandals and black socks  
B. Wearing a Hawaiian Shirt  
C. Spray Tans

A:  Wearing a Hawaiian Shirt

Geezer Quiz 7.24.14

Q:  It's world-famous, but only measures 630 square inches. What? 

A. Declaration of Independence  
B. Mona Lisa  
C. Hand print on Hollywood Walk of Fame

A:  Mona Lisa

Geezer Quiz 7.23.14

Q: 2000 people per year are rushed to the emergency room for injuries caused by these. What are they?  

A. Kitchen Knives  
B. Tripping over pets  
C. Houseplants

A:  Houseplants

Geezer Quiz 7.22.14

Q:  By age 5, 70% of our kids can use a computer mouse. But only 10% of them can do this. What is it?  

A. Remember their address  
B. Make their bed  
C. Tie their shoes

A:  Tie their shoes

Geezer Quiz 7.21.14

Q:  Men say the most annoying habit that women do in the house is this...? 

A. Leaving hair in the drain  
B. Painting toenails in the house  
C. Talking on the phone while he’s watching TV

A:  Leaving hair in the drain

Geezer Quiz 7.18.14

Q:  The average one of these lasts about 4 and half years. What is it?
A. Lawnmower  
B. Cell Phone  
C. A job

A:  A job

Geezer Quiz 7.17.14

Q:   New parents will spend an average of 45 hours doing this. What? 
A. Decorating the baby’s room  
B. Selecting the baby’s name  
C. Shopping for the baby’s first clothes.

A:  Selecting the baby’s name