Geezer Quiz 4.22

Q:  The average person has 8 of these that they got for free. What are they? 
A) T Shirts  
B) Coffee Mugs 
C)   Refrigerator Magnets
A:  Coffee Mugs

Geezer Quiz 4.21

Q:  What was Cinderella’s real name?  
A) Ella  
B) Constance  
C) Penelope
A:  Ella

Geezer Quiz 4.23

Q:  On average you’ll see 11 of these a year.  What? 
A)  Movies  
B) Rainbows  
C) Sporting Events
A:  Rainbows

Geezer Quiz 4.18

Q:  What will you not find in a box of animal crackers?  
A) Rabbit  
B) Zebra  
C) Elephant
A:  Rabbit

Geezer Quiz 4.17

Q:  If I looked in your glove box right now, first I'd find napkins, then car documents. What's the third most common thing found in your car glove box?  
A) Straws  
B) Map  
C) Ketchup Packets
A:  Ketchup Packets

Geezer Quiz 4.16

Q:   By 2018, all new cars sold in the US will be required to have this.  What?  
A) Rear View Camera  
B) Heads up display  
C) 40mpg rating
A:  Rear view camera

Geezer Quiz 4.15

Q: In a recent survey what's the #1 thing married women wished their husbands did more? 
A) Hold Hands  
B) Sit and Talk  
C) Vacuum
A:  Vacuum

Geezer Quiz 4.11

Q:  What do 8% of babies born last year already have? 
A: An email address  
B: pierced ear  
C: Bank Account
A:   An email address  

Geezer Quiz 4.10

Q: 31% of women surveyed said they'd rather give up their husbands for a week than this. What? 
A: Makeup  
B: Their cellphone  
C: Coffee
A:  Coffee

Geezer Quiz 4.9

Q:  Just about all of us have worn this but only 10% of us have purchased this.  What?  A: Snorkel             B: Bowling shoes   C: Tuxedo
A:  Bowling Shoes
Tuesday, April 8 
Q: The first one of these went on sale 30 years ago this month and cost $3995.  What?   A: HD Television   B: Cell Phone   C: Smart Car
A: Cell phone
Wednesday, April 9
Q: About 20% of parents have done this somewhat deceitful act. What? 
A: Secretly looked at their child’s cellphone texts  
B: Checked their child’s Facebook posts  
C: Replaced a dead pet
A:  Replaced a dead pet

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