Geezer Quiz 9.2.14

Q:  Which color flame burns hottest?  

A. Red  
B. White  
C. Blue

A:  Blue, followed by white, yellow, orange and red.

Geezer Quiz 8.29.14

Q:  Sales of this accessory are up 60% in the last 5 years.  What? 

A. Scarves  
B. Sunglasses  
C. Body Rings

A;  Scarves.

Geezer Quiz 8.28.14

Q:  On weekends it takes about 16 minutes to do this, on weekdays it takes about 4.  What is it? 

A. Shower  
B. Eat Breakfast  
C. Get out of bed

A:  Eat Breakfast

Geezer Quiz 8.27.14

Q:  According to “Self Magazine” the top two things that help you unwind are watching TV and a glass of wine.  What was #3? 
A. Going to a movie  
B. A Hot Bath  
C. Dinner Date with your spouse

A:  A Hot Bath

Geezer Quiz 8.26.14

Q:  Women’s Health says the top three things that make a woman unhappy are fighting with her husband, having a bad day at work and this.  What?  

A. Grocery Shopping  
B. Out of control kids  
C. Not fitting into her pants.

A:  Not fitting into her pants.

Geezer Quiz 8.25.14

Q:  25% of us do this in a restaurant.  What is it?  

A. Wipe down the silverware  
B. Steal sugar packets or Jelly packets  
C. Send our food back to the kitchen

A:  Wipe down the silverware

Geezer Quiz 8.22.14

Q:  This drink was created by accident at the 1904 World's Fair in Saint Louis.  What? 

A. Kool-Aid  
B. Ice Tea  
C. Milk Shake

A: Ice Tea

Geezer Quiz 8.21.14

Q:  A recent survey said the average American draws the line at this for the top price they’ll pay for a pair of jeans. 

A. $40  
B. $30  
C. $50

A: $40

Geezer Quiz 8.20.14

Q:  According to a new survey, 9 out of 10 people said they'd switch to a new Cell Phone if it had this. What?  

A. Better Camera  
B.  Longer Battery Life  
C. Bigger screen

A:  Longer Battery Life

Geezer Quiz 8.18.14

Q:  Over half of us say this is the most annoying thing a restaurant server does. What? 

A.  Ask how your food is before you've eaten any of it.  
B. Ask 100 times if you need a refill  
C. Taking plates before you’re done.

A:  Ask how your food is before you eat any of it.

Geezer Quiz 8.15.14

Q:  On average, owning one of these will make you act like you are 10 years younger than you are.  What?  

A. Motorcycle  
B. A Dog  
C. A Convertible

A:  A Dog

Geezer Quiz 8.14.14

Q:  4-in-10 Americans have never done this.  What? 
A. Voted  
B. Gone to the Dentist  
C. Graduated from College

A:  Gone to the Dentist

Geezer Quiz 8.13.14

Q:  In Spain there are currently 4 of these.  What are they? 
A. Taco Bells  
B. Chevrolet Dealerships  
C. Baseball Teams

A:  Taco Bells

Geezer Quiz 8.12.14

Q:  Parents spend almost 31 hours a year in their car doing this. What?

A:  Waiting for their kids

Geezer Quiz 8.11.14

Q:  According to a survey, this is the last thing a guy wants to do on a first day. What is it?  

A. Dance  
B. Meet their dates family  
C. Go Shopping

A:  Dance