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Staying Healthy and Active during the Winter Months with Dr. Adit Ginde of University of CO Hospital.  Jennifer Jolly from USA Today will be talking about New Fall Gadgets and Rick Stewart from the Arapahoe Veterans Office will be discussing what he will be helping Veterans with at the upcoming 6th Annual Studio 1430 Veterans Fair.


Astronomical events of interest for September 2014

Here is a quick look at what’s happening astronomically in September 2014. Mark your calendars.
The month of September is derived from Latin meaning “seven”. It was the seven month of the Roman calendar until 46 BC when the beginning of the year was changed to from March to January.
The traditional full moon name for September is the “Harvest Moon”. The Harvest Moon is somewhat unique in that the name is assigned to the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. That means it can also be the name of the full moon in October. The Harvest Moon name is obviously a reference to farmers working late into the night harvesting crops by the light of the full moon. The Moon also rises at a shallow angle giving the Moon more time above the horizon shorter times between moonrises and sunsets.
This full moon is also a Super Moon which is nothing more than the Moon being closest to Earth when is at the full moon phase. Tides are typically are higher than average, the moon is a little bigger, and brighter than average, but no so much that we would really notice.
Other names include the “Fruit Moon”, “Dying Grass Moon”, "Wine Moon", "The Singing Moon", "Blue Corn Moon", "The Elk Call Moon", and “Barley Moon”. The Lakota Sioux called it the “Moon where Calves Grow Hair” or “Moon when Plumes are Scarlet”. The Taos call it “The Yellow Leaf Moon” and the Oto call it “Spider Web on the Ground at Dawn Moon”.

New Moon: September 24
Planets Visible:
Early Evening: Mars and Saturn low in south western horizon (after sunset)
Pre-dawn: Jupiter and Venus in eastern horizon (sunrise glare starts to interfere at mid-month)
Mercury is lost in solar glare
September 22: Sun enters the astrological sign Libra.
September 30: Sunrise 6:54am MDT, Sunset 6:45pm MDT


The Star Spangled Radio Hour

KEZW and our friends at the Glenn Miller Archive at the University of Colorado present the Star Spanged Radio Hour, Saturday night at 6pm.  Rick and Dennis Spragg introduce live big band radio broadcasts from the 30s and 40s that haven't been heard since they originally aired.  It's our time capsule from the big band era and you can only hear it on AM 1430!  Miss a show?  Click here.

Georgetown Loop

Rick will ride the rails once again taking the Georgetown Loop Railroad to Ales on Rails.  Join him on September 27th at 6:30pm for great food and drink featuring beers from our own Colorado Craft Brewers.  Get all the details on our events page.
Rick's Thought for the Day

Thought 9.23.14

"Autumn is the hush before winter"

French Proverb

Thought 9.11.14

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page"

St. Augustine