Studio 1430 now broadcasts in FM!

KEZW Listeners Love HD!

Hi Rick,
We did go ahead a purchase our HD radio, a Polk Audio I-Sonic, that has wonderful sound. And we now listen to KEZW every weekday morning in full HD, a huge improvement over AM. Many thanks for the info on where to find you on the HD dial. You guys should advertise that fact!!! Listeners would love it just as much as we do.

And Happy New Year to you, too! And many more for KEZW!
You can now listen to Studio 1430 on FM!  That’s right, now Studio 1430 is on FM playing all the timeless music you love.  Imagine how nice it will be to share Rick, Steve, When Radio Was, and all the great weekend shows too on crystal clear stereo HD FM 24/7!  You can listen on our sister station KQMT's HD2 channel at 99.5 FM.  And the reach of the HD2 channel is beyond what our regular AM signal reaches, plus, is noise free and in stereo! 

To get tuned in, you’ll need an HD radio set to 101.1 FM HD2.  There are many locations in Denver that supply HD radio receivers, and the prices are very affordable.  Enjoy Studio 1430, KEZW, in FM HD on 99.5 FM, HD2!  If you need to purchase an HD radio, you can go to and find all the information on retailers near you .

Ever wished you could get the same quality of sound from your radio as you do from your CD? Or that your radio signal didn’t fade out just when you wanted to listen to the game? Now you can. Get the kind of sound that was previously reserved for your HDTV, CD system or MP3 player. Get it on your radio. And get it for free!

** NOTES - HD Radio is FM and relies on line-of-sight radio waves. Which means that having an dipole antenna (it looks like two wires split down the middle and costs less than $9) will probably be necessary unless you have "rabbit ears" or an outside antenna. Your HD radio should be close to a window in your home, not in a basement, and you have to be within the direct broadcast area of KEZW 1430's signal.
  • Reception is free, with no subscription costs
  • HD radio pricing starts under $100 (sometimes lower on sale)
  • CD-quality sound from your radio
  • Crystal-clear reception
  • No station drop-off
  • No static, hiss or audio distortion
  • More info on your dial, such as traffic data and stock info
  • Real-time artist and song IDs
  • Available in home tabletop systems and shelf units plus car and marine stereo units