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“I’ve always loved radio, but my first ‘hands-on’ experience was at a county fair in Texas when I was 6 or 7,” remembers long-time Denver radio personality Steve Edwards.  “A country station was doing a remote out of a big step van.  My dad had to lift me up to the windows so I could see their mobile studio.  When the D.J. waved and said hello to me – on the air – I was hooked.”
Around that same time, Steve’s dad rigged Steve’s record player to have a microphone and tape input.  “Originally it was so I could sing along with my records and tapes.  Then I figured I could announce the songs and do segues between records and tapes.  I always had fun playing ‘radio station’.”
In 1983 his family relocated to Arvada, Colorado where Steve would attend Allendale Elementary then Drake Junior High.  It was during his junior high years that Steve was introduced to talk radio.  “My friend Scott forced me to listen to a guy by the name of George Weber.  His talk show was sheer brilliance to a teenage boy because he rarely did hard news or politics.  He talked about movies, silly events like the Nucla prairie dog shoots, and did pranks.”
Steve and his friend decided they could emulate Weber’s style and initially started a show as a joke.  “As it developed, we had theme music, commercials, news at the top of the hour, cheesy bits, and we were the voices of the callers,” Steve says.  “Everything about our fake talk show was authentic.  We would play the shows back a few times then record new ones.  While most teenagers are trying to get the courage to talk to girls, I was thinking of bits for my talk show that had a total audience of 2!”
Steve attended Arvada West High School where his radio career would take the back burner to his basketball career.  “We were pretty darn good,” Steve remembers.  “We were 19-4 my senior year, won league, districts and regionals.  Had we not been called for a technical foul in the last minute of the quarter-final game, we would have most likely faced Chauncey Billups and the George Washington Patriots in the finals.”
After high school, Steve would earn partial basketball and academic scholarships to Dana College in Blair, Nebraska.  The Steve Edwards Show debuted on KDCV in the fall of 1994.  “Being a school of only 650 students, the station could only be staffed to be on the air for 5-6 hours at night,” Steve says.
Steve transferred to CSU where he would graduate with a degree in journalism with emphasis in public relations.  “Originally, I was a broadcast major and did work at KCSU,” shares Steve.  “It’s really hard to develop an on-air voice or personality when you just aren’t engaged in the college radio music format.”
Steve started his career with KEZW in 2000 as a weekend board-op and eventually found himself producing talk shows which led to more on-air shifts.  However, it's his love of the music that keeps him coming back for more.
"KEZW is a unique station that I'm proud to be a part of," Steve beams.  "The combination of music and the loyalty of our listeners is unheralded in radio.  When people ask me what kind of station I work for I tell them that you can't describe it without hearing for yourself.  Saying that we play Glenn Miller, Elvis, and Michael Buble doesn't do the station justice."
One of Steve’s favorite highlights from working at KEZW was interviewing Alton Brown from the Food Network.  “I’ve never been so star-struck,” Steve laughs.  “I could barely form coherent sentences during the interview.  Alton was a true professional and made me feel comfortable.”

Steve keeps busy with myriad interests including cooking, health and fitness, home improvement projects, and extreme Christmas light decorating. 

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