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We are compiling your most frequently asked questions. If you have one at the moment send us and email.

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How do I become an EZ Lounge Member? - Top
To become a member you will need to register, and it’s free! You can access our registration form by clicking on the menu EZ Lounge > Become an EZ Lounge Member

How do I log into the Lounge? - Top
You can log into The Lounge by clicking on the menu "EZ Lounge > EZ Lounge Log In"
When the Lounge Members login page loads in a new window, enter your email address and password by clicking the black "LOGIN" button under our logo.

What advantages do I have as a Lounge Member? - Top
1. You can participate in our on-going contests, giveaways and surveys to win prizes. These contests are NOT on our website! They are exclusive to the EZ Lounge.
2. You receive our EZ Lounge Newsletter.

How can I update my Lounge Member profile? - Top
You can edit your EZ Lounge profile by signing into the EZ Lounge, then clicking the MY ACCOUNT button next to your name (it's below our logo).

Once you are in the MY ACCOUNT section, you can edit your profile (change your address, email & password), change your newsletter subscription, see what EZ Lounge contests you have entered, and find out about any prizes you may have won.

How do I make sure I receive the EZ Lounge Newsletter? - Top
When becoming a Lounge Member make sure you select yes to “OK to send me station email?"
Also, make sure you add us to your contact safe list in your email after you receive your first newsletter.

Why should I receive the EZ Lounge Newsletter? - Top
We include upcoming events around town, tips, special events and concerts, offers from our sponsors, ways to win prizes and pre-sales information… Plus, it looks really cool!

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter? - Top
You can do this by updating your EZ Lounge profile or by just clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every newsletter. You can also unsubscribe by editing your profile in the EZ Lounge ( see "How Can I Update my Lounge Mewmber Profile" above)

Can I listen Studio 1430 on my computer? - Top
Yes, anyone can listen The Studio 1430 internet stream FREE on their computer.
Click the "LISTEN LIVE >> Listen on Your Computer" button on the menu (first button).
Once you click the link, a pop-up window will appear with the audio player. You MUST allow pop-ups from to see the player. If you see a yellow bar near the top of your screen, click on it and allow pop-ups from

How can I listen the Studio Stream? - Top
Once you click the LISTEN LIVE button, The Studio 1430 audio player will pop-up and music will start after a short video plays. IF you do not have Macromedia Flash installed on your computer (almost all computers do), you will get a screen that asks you if you want to install FLASH or use the new Windows Media player called SILVERLIGHT. It would best (and quicker) if you install the flash.