Geezers Quiz

Geezer Quiz 10.17.14

Q:  According to a new study, almost two-thirds of women between the ages of 22-35 have admitted to doing this.  What is it?  

A. Taken a naked selfie  
B.  Flirted with a girlfriends boyfriend  
C. Gotten a Tattoo

A:  Taken a naked selfie

Geezer Quiz 10.16.14

Q:  Americans will spend $1.5 billion on these items this year, something that wasn’t even available before the year 2000.  What?  

A. Yogurt Cups  
B.   Coffee Pods or K-Cups  
C. iPads

A:  Coffee Pods or K-Cups

Geezer Quiz 10.15.14

Q:  According to an old law, in St Cloud, Minnesota, what may NOT be eaten on a Sunday?  

A. Ice Cream  
B. Pizza  
C. Hamburger

A:  Hamburger

Geezer Quiz 10.14.14

Q:  The street names from Monopoly come from what city?  

A. New York City  
B. Atlantic City  
C. Las Vegas

A:  Atlantic City

Geezer Quiz 10.13.14

Q:  A new poll says 83% of us thought this was a wonderful tradition while 17% thought it was a waste of time.  What? 

A. Saturday Morning Cartoons  
B. Learning to ride a bike  
C. Trick or Treating

A:  Saturday Morning Cartoons

Geezer Quiz 10.10.14

Q:  According to Parents Magazine Crayons are the #1 thing kids stick up their nose.  What’s #2?  

A. Finger  
B. French Fries  
C. Doll Parts

A:  French Fries

Geezer Quiz 10.9.14

Q:  This word is thought to be the most spoken word in the world. 

A. Okay  
B. Hello  
C. The

A:  Okay

Geezer Quiz 10.8.14

Q:  35% of us sleep with this in bed at night.  What is it?  

A. stuffed animal  
B. real animal  
C. TV Remote

A:  TV Remote

Geezer Quiz 10.7.14

Q:  Chocolate Chip and Oreo’s tied as our favorite cookies.  What was voted our least favorite?  

A. Sugar Cookies  
B. Macroon  
C. Fig Newtons

A:  Fig Newtons

Geezer Quiz 10.6.14

Q:  If you have one of these you weigh about 15 pounds more than someone who doesn’t have one.  What is it? 

A.  A Cookie Jar on the Counter  
B. An HD TV 
C. A Hammock
A:  A Cookie Jar on the Counter

Geezer Quiz 10.3.14

Q:  According to Cosmos magazine 3 out of 5 women think it’s a major turnoff when a man does this.  What? 

A. Uses a toothpick at a restaurant  
B. Winks at them  
C. Calls them Sweetie.

A:  Winks at them.

Geezer Quiz 10.2.14

Q:  In a recent survey, what food came in a #2 on the “Foods they can’t stand” list behind anchovies? 

A. Brussel Sprouts  
B. Olives  
C. Cottage Cheese

A:  Olives


Geezer Quiz 10.1.14

Q:  Most men can do this but it's estimated only 10% of women can. What is it?  

A. Whistle  
B. Parallel Park  
C. Throw a spiral

A:  Whistle

October Skys 2014

The name for October is derived from the Latin “Octo” meaning “eight” which came after September (derived from Latin for seven) the seventh month of the Roman calendar until 46 BC. In 46 BC the beginning of the year was changed to from March to January.
The traditional full moon name for October is the “Cold Moon”. In most years the Moon is also called the “Hunter’s Moon” because it is the first full moon after the fall equinox, but it could also be a “Harvest Moon”.  The “Harvest Moon” is somewhat unique in that the name is assigned to the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. This means the “Harvest Moon” can happen in October or September. 
Other names include the "Blood Moon", or "Sanguine Moon".  To the Natchez it’s the “Turkey Moon”. The Oglala Sioux called it the “Moon of the Changing Season”. The Cheyenne named it “The Moon when Water Freezes at the Edge of the Stream”. The Taos call it “The Corn Ripe Moon” and the Oto call it “Deer Rutting Season Moon”.
Closest to Earth: October 6 (225,232 miles super-size Moon)
Last Quarter Moon: October 15
New Moon: October 23 (partial solar eclipse)
Farthest from Earth: October 25 (251,591 miles mini-size moon)           
First Quarter Moon: October 30
Planets Visible:
Early evening: Mars, look low in southwest (Mars will appear in about the same position all month).
Morning before sunrise: Jupiter, look east
Mercury, Venus and Saturn are close to or behind the sun to be seen.
October 1: Sunrise 6:55am MDT, Sunset 6:43pm MDT
October 23: Partial solar eclipse (see special events)
October 23: The Sun enters the astrological sign Scorpio.
October 30: Sunrise 7:26am MDT, Sunset 6:01pm MDT
October 31: Sun enters the astronomical constellation Libra. nbsp;
October 26: Europe returns to standard time from “Daylight Displacement Time”.
October 31: Cross-quarter day (Halloween). Cross-quarter days occur half way between the seasons. They mark the time when we start to feel the effects of the upcoming season. Although winter does not officially start until December 21 (winter solstice), by Halloween we begin to feel the effects of old man winter.
October 21: The Orionids are favorable (several per hour). Look east in the very early morning hours.
Special Events
October 15-16: Early morning before sunrise look southeast, the Moon in between Pollux and Castor (Gemini twins) upper left and Procyon lower right.
October 17: The Sherlin Lecture Series in Astronomy and Space Science presents “Zooming in on the Stars”, by Dr. Harold A. McAlister Director of the Mount Wilson Observatory. The lecture starts at 7:00pm at the Community College of Aurora, CentreTech Campus Fine Arts Building – Room F100 16000 E. CentreTech Parkway, Aurora, CO 80011. Observatory will be open following the lecture – weather permitting
October 18: Early morning before sunrise look east, the Moon is upper right of Jupiter
October 19: Early morning before sunrise look east, the Moon is upper right of Regulus and below Jupiter
October 23: Partial Solar Eclipse. The Moon will cover 45% of the sun here in Denver. (DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN WITHOUT PROPER EYE PROTECTION). Go here or here for information on how to view a solar eclipse safely. From NASA: Unsafe filters include all color film, black-and-white film that contains no silver, photographic negatives with images on them (x-rays and snapshots), smoked glass, sunglasses (single or multiple pairs), photographic neutral density filters and polarizing filters. Most of these transmit high levels of invisible infrared radiation which can cause a thermal retinal burn. The fact that the Sun appears dim, or that you feel no discomfort when looking at the Sun through the filter, is no guarantee that your eyes are safe. Solar filters designed to thread into eyepieces that are often provided with inexpensive telescopes are also unsafe. These glass filters can crack unexpectedly from overheating when the telescope is pointed at the Sun, and retinal damage can occur faster than the observer can move the eye from the eyepiece.
Solar eclipse begins: 3:18pm MDT
Greatest eclipse: 4:35pm MDT
Solar eclipse ends 5:44pm MDT

Historical Trivia
October 24, 1601 – Tycho Brahe, the astronomer who made the first accurate measurements of star positions, dies.


The Star Spangled Radio Hour

KEZW and our friends at the Glenn Miller Archive at the University of Colorado present the Star Spanged Radio Hour, Saturday night at 6pm.  Rick and Dennis Spragg introduce live big band radio broadcasts from the 30s and 40s that haven't been heard since they originally aired.  It's our time capsule from the big band era and you can only hear it on AM 1430!  Miss a show?  Click here.

Just Dress Them in Bubble Wrap
So, as I understand it, the State of Washington has ruled that anytime a playground is built, or renovated, swings cannot be included. Not because of the kids on the swings getting hurt but because of kids walking in front and behind the kids on the...
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Thank You SSGT Wyatt!
With nearly 6000 fallen heroes watching in silence, USAF SSgt Vanessa Wyatt re-enlisted this morning at the Colorado Freedom Memorial with her Commander, Supervisor and parents looking on. If was the first re-enlistment ceremony at the Memorial and we...
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Colorado to Normandy
In May of 2000 I came to Normandy for the first time to broadcast the Breakfast Club back to Denver. It was the first, and to this day still the only time a radio broadcast has originated from here. We learned then that 88 Colorado heroes lay among the...
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#18 is not only awesome but a great man!
This is why #18 is the greatest to ever play quarterback. Sure, the stats are huge and he's revolutionized the position. But he did it without forgetting who he was, remembering what's truly important and being a great example of what it means...
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Always Remember
In August 1914, 1600 men enlisted into the British forces in the old moat around the Tower of London. Great Britain had just entered WWI and before it ended 888,246 of her sons gave their lives in the Great War. To mark the 100th Anniversary of...
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A Story of Recovery
Over the last few weeks I have been sharing how love and faith have carried me and Diane through our journey with a second stroke and Di's recovery. This morning I want to tell you about my friend who has taken his own difficult road to...
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VJ Day 2014
Did you notice it anywhere? Were there any special sales or car deals to commemorate the day, one of the most significant in history? How many people flew flags to honor August 14, or what happened on this day 69 years ago? P...arades? Moments of...
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It’s one of those text messages you always worry about.  Diane and I were at the store and my phone beeps.  I glance at it and see the words, “Do we have baking powder?”  Harmless, until you realize it’s your...
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Christmas Trees
This year Diane and I are sharing our 40th Christmas together and it has always been our custom to have a fresh tree. We have lived through the aluminum trees with color pin wheels, the white trees, the evolution of artificial Christmas trees and even...
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Cardboard Fireplace
Cardboard Fireplace One of my fondest memories of Christmas when I was a kid was Mom and Dad putting together the cardboard fireplace. It was about four feet tall and it had a red brick pattern printed on it and an orange light bulb that you plugged in...
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Rick's Thought for the Day

Thought 10.17.14

"Drink tea and forget the world’s noises"

Chinese Proverb

Thought 10.16.14

"Where there is great love, there are always miracles"

Willa Cather

Thought 10.15.14

"Among those whom I like or admire I can find no common denominator, but among those I love I can: all of them make me laugh"

W.H. Auden

Thought 10.14.14

"The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation"

Mark Twain

Thought 10.13.14

"The best portion of a man’s life?  His little nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love"

William Wordsworth

Thought 10.10.14

"You are never too old to set a new goal, or to dream a new dream"

C.S. Lewis

Thought 10.9.14

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention"

Oscar Wilde

Thought 10.8.14

"Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect.  It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections"


Thought 10.7.14

"You don’t need to attend every argument you’re invited to"


Thought 10.6.14

"Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had"


Thought 10.3.14

"I never ask God to give me anything; I only ask him to put me where things are"

Mexican Proverb

Thought 10.2.14

"If you're being run out of town, get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade"


Thought 10.1.14

"What if when you die, they ask "How was heaven?"