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Who's Your Favorite Local Artist???

In case you didn't get the news, the Sound of the Rockies chorus just competed in the International Barbershop Harmony Society's annual competition and finished 4th in the world!!!  And, the quartet Storm Front finished 3rd int he world!!!  Congratulations to both.

This got me to thinking.  We really do have some great local musical groups.  Sound of the Rockies, Denver Brass, Hot Tomatoes, The Fray, Dianne Reeves and the Queen City Jazz Band are a few.  Who is it you like to listen to locally?  This is a excellent chance to introduce us all to local musicians we may be unfamiliar with, or remind us of acts that have been around forever.  Post your comments here and tell us who's timeless in your songbook.

07/15/2009 5:56AM
Who's Your Favorite Local Artist???
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07/15/2009 11:18AM
Ernie Cox
Rick, I really enjoy listening to Cool Shooz.
07/20/2009 3:30PM
Julie Nissen
I love Stray Dog. A great band and a great group of people. Lannie Garrett is also a favorite. A great singer and a very kind lady.
07/29/2009 9:44AM
Joe Mierzwa
A group I really like is Face Vocal Band from Boulder. They perform at the D Note, Nisi's and other local venues, as well as nationally. It's acapella with a really contemporary twist.
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