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What Did They Do With Thanksgiving???

It's the day after Halloween and already the pumpkins are gone and the Christmas Trees are up. Toys R Us has its Biggest Gift Book ever in today's newspaper and Christmas decorations are already half off at the hobby store. WHAT DID THEY DO WITH THANKSGIVING??? It's time to take back our holidays and ...celebrate them in order. No Christmas music before Labor Day. Stop wearing green before Valentines Day. Independence Day is the 4th of July, not the 4th of April. Let's reclaim our holidays, together, starrting with Thanksgiving. Want to join me? Become a member of this group and share Thanksgiving recipes, reasons to be thankful and prayers for the Thanksgiving table. We don't celebrate Christmas until Santa shows up at the Macy's Parade!!! Let all your friends who feel like they have lots to be thankful for know, they can join us right here and be thankful with us. Christmas will be next!

11/01/2009 10:01AM
What Did They Do With Thanksgiving???
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