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Welcome Spring!!!

By now you've no doubt seen the signs of Spring, they're every where!! The daffodils are shooting up, the birds are returning to the feeders and the Rockies are in Tucson getting ready for opening day. Yep, Spring is here and the calendar will officially say so on Saturday. My favorite season has always been Fall, but Spring runs a close second. My issue with Spring is Spring cleaning. We get a beautiful season of new growth, warmer days, fresh air and we ruin it by cleaning the garage!! I say we have a one week period in late February we call Cleaning Season and do all the scrubbing and painting and washing then. It's dark and dreary in February so it's the perfect time to do dark and dreary chores. Then in March, we enjoy Spring. If we can get the greeting card company's behind Cleaning Season it just may work. Happy Spring!!!

03/17/2010 8:08AM
Welcome Spring!!!
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