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Simpler Times

We just finished another Breakfast Club listener trip, this time traveling thru the Great Lakes states of Michigan and Wisconsin. My mother was born in Detroit in the 1930's when Henry Ford's automobiles were very popular. My grandfather worked for a time as a tool and die man for Ford. On my father's side our German immigrant ancestors settled in Western Wisconsin and Minnesota. This heritage gives me a feeling of kinship with the people we met along the way. And I was really taken with how much they reminded me of my own grandparents. One lady in particular.
Manistique, Michigan is at the top of Lake Michigan. A couple of gas stations, a Lutheran Church, several lakefront motels and four fast food joints are about all you'll find. We made one of the burger places our group lunch stop and as we walked in several older women, likely all in their 80's, walked out. A simple hello from Diane to the departing ladies soon led to a friendly chat and we learned this group of life-long pals meets at this spot once a month to celebrate birthdays and catch up on news. Family and each others health are the most important topics, followed by memories of younger days and then cake. How often do we make it a point to spend that kind of time with old friends, the old ones who we learned to ride bikes with, and shared details of our first kiss with, and held hands at family funerals with? As the ladies were leaving Diane mentioned how good the cake one of the ladies had made looked. It was more a courtesy than anything and as the group left we were happy to have made new friends and went about our business of lunch. About 10-minutes later the door to the restaurant opened slowly and in walked the cake lady with a piece of paper. She strolled over to Diane and proudly handed over the recipe for what is certainly Manistique's best Pineapple Cake. Hand-written, in cursive, on a scrap of paper found in her car. She was so tickled someone cared about what she obviously loves to do. This was her chance now to pass on something very important and insure her legacy. With a smile, she turned and left. It was a simple act of kindness that gets lost in a big city like Denver. We get so unapproachable, and in such a hurry. For one afternoon in Michigan, I was glad we stopped and noticed. I hope I do it more often.

06/14/2010 7:47AM
Simpler Times
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