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Proud To Be An American

I love July 4th weekend. Just the fact we celebrate the birth of our nation should be enough, but with it comes more unabashed patriotism than you see the rest of the year. Flags will fly proudly in front of homes in most neighborhoods, a little wrinkled because they've been in the front closet for a year, but still gleaming. Picnics and parties will include red, white and blue everything and you'll reach way in the back of the closet for the stars and stripes shirt you wear once a year. For one weekend it's cool to listen to Lee Greenwood and be proud to be an American. Too bad it's not that way all the time, you know? We get bursts of patriotic pride. During WWII the attack at Pearl Harbor and the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima became rallying cries for our country. Neil Armstrong planting the flag on the moon was something we all watched when I was a kid. And who could forget the flag draped around the shoulders of the U.S. goalie, Jim Craig, when USA beat the Russians at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics! The flag waving over the ruins of the World Trade Center on 9/11 may be what my kids will remember as they age. Each generation it seems faces its own time of challenge and Americans often look toward Old Glory for inspiration and burst with pride when it waves as if to say, "Oh yea, we're here!!" What moments do you remember that gave you great pride to be an American? What one thing made you burst with red, white and blue joy? Share those thoughts with us. And remember, that flag looks better on the pole in your front yard than it does in the closet. Share it with the neighbors a few more times during the year. It's a shame that we ask one another "what holiday is it?", or, "who died?" when we see a flag out in a neighbors yard on a day other than July 4th. It would be cool if flying the flag was a more frequent habit, rather than once a year. For now, I'll take July 4th weekend

07/01/2010 7:53AM
Proud To Be An American
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