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It’s one of those text messages you always worry about.  Diane and I were at the store and my phone beeps.  I glance at it and see the words, “Do we have baking powder?”  Harmless, until you realize it’s your 13-year old granddaughter texting, and what the heck is she cooking????  Needless to say we were home inside of three minutes and there was my formerly little girl making pancakes.  She had gone on line and got a recipe from a cooking website and was making breakfast.  How could it be that the little girl I was just playing airplane with to get her to eat Gerber Carrots was now searching recipes and cooking breakfast?  I am learning, and living, one of the great challenges of grand-parenting, being so proud of their accomplishments, but somewhere in the back of my head hearing a whisper, “Enjoy this because…

The first time this happens you’re so busy being a parent, and having a career, and growing up yourself, that the little moments get lost.  The milestones are greeted with a casual, “Good job sweetie” and then it’s back to the challenges of the world.  You have a million pictures of your first child growing up, a thousand of the second and by the third kid you have group photos, and he’s wearing clothes his brother was photographed in the year before!!  Being a grandparent allows you to see what you might have missed the first time.  I spent months wondering what Larissa’s voice was going to sound like after she was born.  I watched Ethan play T-Ball like it was game seven of the World Series, every time he played.  Joshua and I have amazing talks about the things we want to build and the stores we want to open.    This is the height of the joy grandparents feel in their life. 

Somewhere though, lurking in those quiet moments when you have too much time to think, is the realization that with these milestones, the seasons are changing.  No one lives forever and thinking you will cheats you out of the urgency of enjoying every second you have, and I refuse to let an hour go unused.  I don’t have time for daily drama and petty people.  I assure you the last thing that goes through my mind will not be, “Can you believe what he said?”  It will likely be, “I remember when I had the best pancakes I ever tasted.”, or the touch of Diane’s hand in mine, or our Thanksgiving table.  Someone once said, “Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but of moments…”  I believe this to be true.  Grandparents know it to be true.  I hope you enjoy every moment…and your own pancakes.

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01/21/2014 1:12PM
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02/05/2014 2:29PM
I totally agree with you; live each moment in time to the fullest. The older I get the more I enjoy the present and try not to dwell on the past and/or the future. Right now I am hearing the former best song for Larissa which was "Ragmop". They grow up so very fast. I remember when you had her on the radio when she was very young, what a job. Keep up the good work, you truly do fill my day with JOY!!! Thanks, Donna R.
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