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At some point last night, after I quit watching endless hours of news coverage about the tragedy of the day and reading every news bulletin on the internet, I walked out into my backyard in Aurora, Colorado and sat for a minute. It was a warm summer night with ton of stars out. And it was quiet. And it only added more confusion to the day. It was so peaceful it was impossible to believe that hell had visited earth three miles from where I was sitting. In fact it was easy to think, no this didn't really happen. Then when Diane and I awoke this morning and turned on the TV the first words we heard were, "live from Aurora, Colorado, site of the horrific theater shooting..." Yea, it happened, and the place where I had my first kiss and married my high school sweetheart, the place where we raised two daughters and the place where we've always been happy to come home to, no matter how exotic the trip we've been on, that place is forever changed. I don't know how long it will take but some day the sounds you hear in my hometown will be laughter instead of crying. There will be songs of celebration instead of hymns of grief. There will be first kisses and not last kisses. God Bless you Aurora, Colorado and all those who are in such great pain today. We will heal together.

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07/23/2012 9:21AM
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07/26/2012 3:24PM
Pat Ruppel
Rick - I heard you Monday morning on your broadcast reading your post and had been feeling a lot of the same feelings but hadn't quite put it into words yet. Since then I was able to gather my thoughts and wrote a post on my site I wanted to share with you called "Calling All Angels" (http://plaintalkandordinarywisdom.com/?p=349). Maybe it will bring some peace and comfort. Thank you for your comments and opening your hearts to us. I love your show and the music you play.
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