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2nd Annual Veterans Fair

I remember well the first time I had veterans in the studio to share their heroic stories of service. It was a couple days before December 7, 1991 and 5 Colorado Pearl Harbor Survivors came by to talk about the attack at Pearl, 50-years after it had happened. There was a nurse who had been at Tripler Hospital treating the wounded; a submarine vet who watched the attack from the sub base and others who were aboard ships and on the shore. It was quite an education into the sacrifice made by our veterans and it has continued as I've opened the doors to those who have served in every conflict and age since. From the heroic actions of those under fire, to the quiet service of citizen soldiers during time of peace, all have answered their countries call, and all are entitled to benefits earned for that service. Often though those benefits can be elusive. Veterans don't know what they're entitled to for their time in uniform, or where to go to for answers. That's exactly what the KEZW Veterans Fair is all about. We've invited over 30 veterans groups and organizations who can answer questions about benefits ranging from health care to funeral services to employment and more. The Fair is free and open to every veteran and their family members this Saturday from 10a to 1p at the Aurora Center for Active Adults. Come spend some time learning about the benefits your honorable service earned you. For a complete list of participants go to www.studio1430.com. I look forward to meeting each of you this Saturday and saying thanks for your service. Our veterans served their country well and it's our turn to repay the favor.

09/08/2010 6:09AM
2nd Annual Veterans Fair
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