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Sing & Swing and Memories

Thursday morning at 7:20a we said hello to a brand new world, and in all likelyhood good-bye to an old familiar world. Time has a way of creating its own order in the Universe. On Thursday morning we introduced the new Sing & Swing Vol. 1 pre-loaded iPod. Working closely with the Glenn Miller Archive at the University of Colorado we've taken 100 songs from various Armed Forces Radio programs that were broadcast exclusively to the troops overseas and out them into this collection. You'll recognize the names. Miller, Dorsey, Goodman, Shaw. You'll even recognize the titles. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Chattanooga Choo-Choo. What will be new is the incredible live versions of these songs, complete with great introductions, that never aired on American radio. It is an amazing time capsule that until now was never available as a collection. And it comes on a new Nano iPod, pre-loaded so all you do is push play! A portion of the proceeds benefits the Glenn Miller Archive at the University of Colorado. This is the perfect gift for those you know who served during the war and those that just love good music. As wonderful as this collection is, it's also bittersweet. Listening to these songs reminds me that we are further, and further removed from WWII and the big band era. 65-years in fact on September 2nd. With each passing day comes the loss of more members of the greatest generation. Time is taking those the enemy couldn't. Each song in this series reminds me of a WWII veteran I had in the studio, or traveled with in Normandy and Germany, and I miss them. The good thing is this collection gives me those memories, and the opportunity if for only a songs length, to feel they're back with me. So I encourage you to buy Sing & Swing Vol. 1 and own a piece of history that will continue to open your memory book for years to come. Buy it for a loved one who grew up in the big band era as a gift of their younger days. KEZW has saluted the WWII veterans and their families for 15-years and now the time has come to thank other generations. But not without one final opportunity to say thanks to those I always wanted to be like. I hope Sing and Swing does that.

08/26/2010 3:04PM
Sing & Swing and Memories
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