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Consider this a bit of a confession. I'm a collector. Yep, I have collections of things that have caught my fancy over the years. Nothing that's particularly valuable mind you. Diane would be very happy if I would collect gold, or cash. Instead, I have every Potato Head ever made. They're all lined up in the windows in my office and they do a great job of making sure no one who comes to meet with me stays in a bad mood. I also have a collection of political campaign buttons; Happy Meal Toy Story toys and WWII memorabilia. I mention this because I suspect we're all collectors and we'd be surprised just what our friends have amassed. This morning I rode up the elevator with Mickey, the producer for the morning show on our sister rock and roll station. He noticed I had a couple Potato Heads with me and asked if I collected them. I sheepishly said yes, figuring I'd be safe bringing the in at 3:30a and guessing this 20-something cool young man wold now think I was nuts. Instead he broke into a big smile and said, "You know what's weird? I collect buttons. I probably have 500 of them." With that the bond that forms when people admit odd things about themselves was formed. Mickey and I will now have each others backs no matter what. He knows something about me... I know something about him...that no one else in the building knows. That's like a pinky swear times 10. Care to share your secret collections?

08/10/2010 6:14AM
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