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You Can Go Back Home...

Last night was date night at the Crandall House, which doesn't come often enough at this time in our lives.  There's no doubt Diane and I are closer than we've ever been in our 35+ years together, it's just a different close now.  Somewhere between the goofy love note, kissing in the school hallway days and now life got in the way.   Raising kids and grandkids; carving out a career; losing loved ones; dealing with health and other personal issues all steal from the innocence we once had.  Back then the biggest worry was whether or not we could make it to the pizza parlor and back on time during school lunch hour.  Or how many kids we could get in the car trunk, and not get caught, at the drive-in.  Well, last nights date night took Diane and me back to those days the two of us shared in high school.  For a couple hours we could  imagine those kids, if not quite become them again, as Carole King  and James Taylor serenaded us at Pepsi Center.  O.K., 13,000 other people came with us on date night and that was ok.  For the time we were there we were all kids again.  We all remembered bell bottoms and guys with long hair.  Many were once those hippie smokers.  Remember when smoking was as rebellious as it got?  As James Taylor sang Fire and Rain I could clearly hear Mom telling me I needed to get to bed so I wouldn't be late in the morning.  When Carole King sang I Feel The Earth Move I could see Diane with her knit sweater and beautiful long hair.  Please don't take this as one of those "Oh I Wish I Was Young Again" messages.  I really don't long for acne medicine and Hai Karate.  Burning incense in my room was fun...then.  And blacklight posters wouldn't look quite as cool in the living room at Shady Acres.  No, I'm very happy with the road I've been on and those who have joined me on the journey.  It was just nice to know, that 40-years later we could go home again.  For a minute it was fun to remember being in front of Diane's house and kissing her the first time...and waiting an eternity for the second kiss, even though it was later that night.  Yep, our lives have been a tapestry of rich and royal hues.  Thanks James and Carole for reminding us, and for the ride home again.

07/15/2010 6:11AM
You Can Go Back Home...
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