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Have you ever received one of those text messages, or emails, that don't really use words or sentences? You know the ones, they end with LOL or BFF or LMBO. You might get something like "I luv u 2." I guess when kids figured out they were paying by the letter for text messages they figured they better abbreviate stuff. That, or it's a secret language created so parents couldn't understand what kids were talking about. Yea, you know how those kids are because you did the same thing when you were younger. Yes you did, Oh, it wasn't texting or emailing, but it was for kids only, or have you forgotten, Cruisin For A Bruisin, Back Seat Bingo and See Ya Later Alligator. Maybe you've forgotten words like daddy-o, groovy, wig-out and adding ville to the end of everything like Coolsville. You said Holy Mackeral and Cat got your tongue and jeepers creepers when you were real mad. Every generation has its own language. For kids today it often comes in abbreviations or one word, like Dude. What were some of your favorites? That's all she wrote!!!

05/03/2010 5:24AM
Say What???
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10/02/2011 3:16PM
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10/19/2011 4:44PM
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