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Something Smells

Spring is a great time for smells. And smells are great for bringing back memories. This is a nosey followup to our last blog when we talked about things we remember. Today, it's rainng in Denver and that smell ALWAYS reminds me of being 10-years old and living in the village of Priest in Germany while Dad was stationed at Spangdahlem Air Force Base. I vividly remember looking outside at the German hillside, covered in fog and the farmers fields green between me and them. Every time I smell rain I get this vacation added! Smells have a great way of doing that, don't they?  If I smell Rosemary I am immediately in a kitchen in Italy standing next to a young Italian chef as she's teaching us how to make Rosemary Focaccia Bread. Some places smells take you aren't so pleasant. Rubbing Alcohol always takes me to the hospital emergency room, but mostly they are fond memories. So, on this rainy Thursday morning I'd love to know what smells you're fondest of, and where they take you. Sorry, I have to go now. I just caught the scent of pencil eraser and I'm late for 2nd grade in Tucson, Arizona!

04/22/2010 5:41AM
Something Smells
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04/22/2010 5:59AM
Kathleen in Aurora
My most favorite smells this time of year are Orange Blossoms and Lilacs. I can't be in a bad mood when I smell them!!
04/22/2010 6:17AM
Loren Watts
Growing up our family had a hedge of Star Jasmine outside our front door. It is very fragrant. So anytime I smell Star Jasmine, I think of my family, and the great home where I grew up. http://www.clematisonline.co.uk/images/sterjasmijn.jpg
04/22/2010 6:26AM
Carolyn Schoenfeld
Rick - Whenever I smell Jergen's Lotion, it immediately takes me back to my senior year in high school (1957). Jergens was the only lotion available unless you had a lot of money, which we did not. Thanks for your show. I enjoy you every morning on my way to work. Carolyn
04/22/2010 6:53AM
Laura Espinoza
I heard a trivia question one time that asked "What smell automatically transports you back to childhood?" The answer was crayons. This is so true. I'm in my 60's and to this day, every time I smell a crayon, I think of my early school years and my grade school teachers. It also reminds me of the times I colored things with my children when they were small.
04/22/2010 7:13AM
Hey Rick-I have several "smells" that take me back to happy times. Whenever I smell cigars (not the smoke)it takes me back to when I used a cigar box as my pencil box in grade school. Believe it or not when I smell the smoke it reminds me of my grade school principal Mr. Zimmer who back in the day would smoke cigars in his office. (Imagine that happening today!) As a boomer whenever
04/22/2010 7:17AM
(continued)...As a boomer the smell of PlayDough really takes me back to nursery school. In fact I keep playdough in storage, and occasionally go and take a whiff when I need to clear my mind to simpler times. The good news, I'm no longer tempted to take a taste! Yuck!
10/03/2011 8:11AM
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