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I remember.......

Tuesday night at Regis University, during our Stories From Wartime class, one of the guests mentioned shopping in the Spiegel catalog. It was fairly obvious right away that the 19 and 20-year old students had no idea what she was talking about. It made me realize that I am now a member of the "I Remember " generation. We all get our membership card eventually. It seems to happen about the same time the first Grandchild shows up. "I remember when you were this age.", is what we say to our kids when we hold their child. Then we tell our grandchildren, "When I was your age we played outside all day and never locked the front door and didn't own a color tv." I remember actually becomes a badge of honor, as if to say "you'll never have it as good as I did." Tuesday night at Regis got me to thinking not so much about the things I remember, but the places. The Spiegel Catalog reminded me of Montgomery Wards for some reason. I think Diane and I bought a couch and a shirt there at the same time one day at the old Buckingham Square. Then I thought about how much I miss the lunch counter at Woolworths, and the windows and skating rink at May D&F and the lunchroom at Nuestetters. Change will always come and it's not all bad. I'm just glad to be a member of the "I Remember" club and have something to sit and talk with the old guys about on the park bench. Heck, I remember when you couldn't shop on Sunday!! What do you remember??

04/15/2010 5:24AM
I remember.......
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04/15/2010 5:56AM
I remember when the game shows, such as the Price is Right with Bob Barker, would have items from the Spiegel catalog as their prizes. Remember when Bob would say, "What do we have for our contestant today Johnny?" And Johnny would read the descriptions from the Spiegel catalog. I don't remember ever shopping from the Spiegel catalog. I think it may have been too highbrow for our family. We shopped at Wards or Sears instead. In our small town, we'd go into the Wards store, order something from the catalog and it would be delivered to the store a couple of weeks later. It wasn't big enough to keep all of the items in stock. Happy remembering! Michael
04/15/2010 6:37AM
I remember going to the "Bears" games at Bears Staduim and looking toward downtown and watching the top of a building turn different colors. I don't know what the name of that building was but I loved watching it turn red, blue, yellow and green!
04/15/2010 6:47AM
I remember Red Owl grocery stores. Do you remember??
04/15/2010 7:03AM
A Noble
Color TV ?????? I remember the first TV set in town, actually a large city, Monroe Louisiana. It was at the furniture store my father worked for. However, there was no TV station in town, so there was nothing to watch. The new refrigerated refrigerator was just being introduced. My aunt and uncle owned the ice plant in town, which sold and/or delivered ice for the home ice boxes. I remember when many of my relatives, that didn't live in towns, got their first electric light bulbs in their homes; one hanging in the center of each room. I also remember when they finally got indoor plumbing; and the worse whipping I ever got was when my cousin and I moved the outhouse back 3 feet one night. Nobody actually fell in, but it was close. And there are a lot more stories, but then, I am 70.
04/15/2010 7:05AM
Linda Waller
Good Morning Rick, I would like to ask the women in your audience if they remember curling their hair with little pink rubber spoolies? This was in the early to mid 1950's.Not only did they make a perfect curl, they were great to play with! Thank you & Enjoy your show Rick, Lovely Linda from Lakewood
04/15/2010 7:05AM
Christine Krueger
I loved the Public Service building that changed colors! It was one of the highlights we'd watch for on our way home to North Denver from Grandma's house in Wash Park. We'd also watch for the giant Duffy's soda bottle that was on top of what is now the REI building. One of Grandma's favorite dining places was the Denver Drumstick, long gone now. However, The Wishbone up on north Federal has the same style of delicious fried chicken and the "gravy" to dip it into. The only thing the Wishbone doesn't have that the Drumstick did was a model train running around near the ceiling and the paper fire truck or boat the kid's meals were served in!
04/15/2010 7:14AM
Donna Sovern
For Linda -- the spoolies are back - now they are blue, in a Harriet Carter catalog I was looking at this week. I was having a brain challenge thinking -- didn't we used to have those in pink! So Linda confirms the brain synapses aren't fried yet!
04/15/2010 7:36AM
Ricardo Valdez
How about the Loop and the Loop Market with saw dust on the floor and chickens and sausages hanging up. Solomans Grill with the big old steam tables with the giant sausages which were great. The Loop is where the trollys turned around. The movies for ten cents The Victory ,Isis, the Gem, The Palace, The Colorado. The Penny Arcade, the Hamburger shack on Curtis St. I guess I start rambling. Denver Native Ricardo N. Valadez
04/15/2010 7:47AM
Jean Helzer
More about spoolies: The original spoolies were pink the current ones (found in the Vermont Country Store catalog) are blue. I also remember the loop where the streetcars turned around. When I was five my Mother and I rode the street car to Childrens Hospital to get my tonsils out. I kind of remember the Red Owl stores, I can picture the logo in my mind but I remember Piggly Wiggly stores more. It is surprising how these long buried memories return. Jean from Arvada
04/15/2010 7:48AM
Abbey St John
Every once in a while I will be shown that I am indeed part of the “I remember…” club. For instance when I worked at FB home office, I worked in a dept with a lot of young mothers with new babies. One day they were complaining about much it cost to buy diapers (disposable). Without thinking I said, “Just go buy up some Bird Eyes.” Their heads spun around and ask what was “Bird Eyes”. I answered “cloth diapers”. The idea of having to laundry cloth diapers was beyond their comprehension. They thought I landed from an alien planet.
04/15/2010 7:54AM
Do you remember when the down town Woolsworth had one of the best lunch counters in the work area. It was a treat to go there when down town to shop. The other place that was special was to get to go to the Denver Dry tea room. If you were a young lady you felt so grown up to get to go there.
04/15/2010 8:04AM
Wow!! The Christmas windows at the May; crusing 16th street; the opening of Lakeside mall; waiting for my bus and watching the trolley come off the tracks and the bus driver put it back with a long pole. Wearing hats and dresses to church! Playing "kick the can" and "hide and seek" under the street light at the end of the driveway in the summer. Dancing at the Tracadaro (?) at Elitch Gardens and walking through the beautiful gardens. What a flood of memories!!! Thank you!!!
04/15/2010 8:06AM
Judy Hohnholt
I grew up in Arvada in the 50's and 60's. I remember "Marvin" the bread man. He would come on Saturday morning with his tray of hostess baked goods. The twinkies always looked so good, but Mom rarely bought them. I did not realize how good her home-baked goodies were until later. There was also a man who came periodically and sold light bulbs door to door. Oh the good old days!
04/15/2010 8:12AM
Linda Szepe
I remember spoolies too, pink and fun to play with, in fact at Christmas time us girls in the family were talking about them. When we were little I remember my Mom shopping at Piggly Wiggly, and she got Gold Bond stamps in addition to S&H green stamps. When we moved back to Colo in 1987, I had a lot of books of green stamps that I had gotten from United Supermarkets in Lubbock,Tx , I was able to redeem them at the green stamp store that was in West Denver in a little shopping center on either Louisiana or Arkansas that also had a Dolly Madison bakery. And I loved, loved, loved the Denver Drumstick, wish it was back! And lime rickey from Duffy's. My grandma would come to Denver every year on the Denver Zephyr train, when Union Station had about 20 tracks.
04/15/2010 8:21AM
Rick Rokosz
Rick - I remember as a kid growing up in Chicago, a dept. store that at Christmas time had a mono-rail train attached to the ceiling that the kids rode in high above the floor where their parents shopped for toys. It was really cool and if you had a keen eye you could spot you mom see what toys she was picking our for Santa to bring. Speaking of trains, let's not forget the Drumstick restaurants -
04/15/2010 8:25AM
I remember when Lakside Amusement Park had a swimming pool, and we used to ride the bus from east Denver to swim and play on the big slide they had in the pool. Memories back to the 1950's Suz
04/15/2010 8:28AM
Yes, I remember the Red Owl grocery stores, and the one on Leetsdale and Holly had an Alan Eber drug store in that shopping complex. Also, on Leetsdale, at that Alameda juncture, was Stearns Dairy where my friends and I on hot summer days would stop by on our bikes and get some crushed ice from the metal lockers that were used to keep the milk cold until the deliverymen got the milk out them for their routes. That area also had Economy Lumber which burned down in a spectacular fire, and afterwards there was a railcar restaurant Victoria Station there that served great prime rib. And of course the Howdy Folks gas station on the corner of Colorado and Alameda near George Irvin Chevrolet and ABC Bowl. How about Hodel's Drug in Belcaro and Celebrity Sports Center whose grand opening incuded several Disney child stars? A couple other great restaurants back then were Rich's Charbroiled Hamburgers in Cherry Creek and the Pizza Oven near Speer and Sherman.
04/15/2010 8:36AM
Dave Tondreau
When I was here in the mid-fifties I remember winning a prize from a clown on one of the local TV stations. We sent the chances to win on Bosco labels, and you had to answer a question to win. I knew it was mine when the label was picked out of the barrel because the guy said it had Bosco all over it. You had to bring a piece string for the giant ball of string if you got selected to go to the show. I do not remember the name of the toy store where we picked up the prize other than it was the place for toys. The toy was a walkie-talkie set (with wires connecting them), a hot item in the mid-fifties. Bosco is still available on the internet. It is no longer sold in Colorado And yes I still miss the Micky Mouse club.
04/15/2010 8:40AM
The Spiegel catalog still exists - only now it vends VERY stylish clothes. Instead of spoolies, we used empty frozen orange juice canisters to set our hair for that smooth, sleek look. (Some of the girls would actually iron their hair.) And when I moved out here in '76, really nice, roomy new condos were goingnn for $18,900.
04/15/2010 9:01AM
When we bought our 1st house in 1975 in Columbine, we often went to Boulder up Wadsworth to vist my parents who lived on the south side of Boulder. Total time for trip: 32 minutes if you managed to hit one of the 2 stop lights on the way up. Thanks forthe memory, Janis...Still living in Littleton and parents still here near by.
04/15/2010 9:03AM
Clarice Ridenour
I moved to Denver in 1984 so my memories are of growing up in a little town in Michigan. The big thing was a 'Sunday dinner', usually fried chicken, bisquits (made from scratch, not out of a can), mashed potatoes and gravy and during the times when the garden was growing, fresh vegetables and, if you were really lucky, strawberry shortcake, once again with real bisquits. Sundays were taken up with church, mid-day dinner, better yet, when the weather permitted, a picnic in the park with shuffle board, softball, tennis and swimming in a real lake! No shopping at all - the stores were closed. TV??? What the heck was that????? Ahhh, those were the days.
04/15/2010 9:19AM
Mary Spero
What a great lead in, you and Jim gave me a great laugh this morning with your rememberences...clothespin/cards in bike wheels! I do remember Red Owl, Old Gold cigarettes with coupons, brylcreem, S & H stamps, party lines (phone), local creameries (Bridgeman's in Minnesota), ballrooms, rotary phones. Have a great day!
04/15/2010 9:23AM
Dale Ashton
Rick: Dorothy's Mom ran the pool at lakeside and her Dad and Granddad ran the train. also I remmeber the first rapid transit in denver, the interurban from golden to denver, Dale
04/15/2010 9:34AM
mary yvonne melvin
I remember Miller Grocery stores and they gave pioneer savings stamps in competition with s&h green stamps.
04/15/2010 9:34AM
Suzanne Weston
Rick, What wonderful memories! I was born in Denver and have spent a good part of my life in this neck of the woods. I remember: having lunch with my Uncle Sam in the Denver Tea Room (he was a regular, and we never had to wait in line); coming downtown to skate on the May D&F rink, see the department store Christmas windows (with the moving displays), and the Civic Center lights; eating at Joe "Awful" Coffee's restaurant (my Uncle Sam and Joe were good friends and would always break into song together); going to Stapleton Airport to watch the planes land and take off, and to eat at the Sky Chef Restaurant; the elevator with an operator at the Republic Building; going to the top of the United Bank Building - the tallest office building in Denver; learning to swim in the original Denver Athletic Club pool; Piggly Wiggly grocery stores; getting ice cream at the Dolly Madison around the corner; my brother getting haircuts from Dick at Dick's Tonsorial Parlor (still there), next door to the Dolly Madison; swimming at the Lakeside Amusement Park pool; eating picnic lunches in the beautiful gardens at Elitch Gardens before and after riding the rides (the rides were better at Lakeside, but I enjoyed the family atmosphere better at Elitch's - even as a child); learning to ride at Cockriel's Stables (now in Parker) on Mississippi, just east of Colorado Blvd., and riding on the path next to Cherry Creek ALL the way out to Quebec St.; swimming at the White Sands Beach Club east of the Stables on Mississippi; and lastly, Pete Smythe, Sheriff Scotty, and Gene Amole - each corresponding to even more memories and stories (and I predict that today's "youngsters" will remember you, Rick, and the Breakfast Club, in the same way!). Best wishes for many more memories, Suzanne
04/15/2010 9:52AM
Frankie Jeranson
I was born here--my grandma worked at the Joslyns downtown. I remember the store windows at Christmas--Several stores decorated as I recall and it was a special evening when we could all go and look at the animation. I remember also the incinerators and clothes lines and burning leaves in the fall. The Courtesy Burger up on N. Federal was a special treat.
04/15/2010 9:59AM
Connie Crater
This brought back so many memories. We lived on South Kalamath street 1 block north of Alameda. My 2 sisters and I would walk everywhere. We would always walk up to Broadway and go under (or over the Alameda underpass. Our Mother would say Don't go over the overpass, walk under, but we went over, my middle sister always was daring and walked on the outside of the railing. If a train was there, we climbed up the ladder, walked over the top and down. We spent half of our life at the Skateland near Evans or the Mayan Theartre at 1st and Broadway, shopped the woolworth and Penney's stores there and went to Meyers Drug store and had cherry cokes. Our whole neighborhood had to move when the Valley Highway project started, so we moved to W. 3rd Ave. just 2 blocks off Broadway. We rode streetcars, loved to hang out the windows and buses all over the city. Our Mother was not to afraid to let us go anywhere because the city was safe then. We were 10 years old and younger then. Wonderful memories. icemen and chunks of ice to suck on etc. Thanks Rick for the memory trip.
04/15/2010 10:09AM
Laura Espinoza
When I was a young mother and wife, time was valuable with 3 kids and a house to take care of. Around Christmas time, I would place a phone order from the Wards catalog for presents I wanted to buy. The phone was always answered by a live person in the order department. They were courteous and knowledgable, plus had a great sense of humor. The order would be filled at the Broadway store located by Gates Rubber Company. No matter how big the order was, in 2 hours, I could go to that store to pick up my order. I was given a choice to pay and take or put on layaway. I always paid and took my goodies with me. Because I had 3 little ones with me to watch and try to get everything to my car, someone always carried my packages for me without me even asking. What service!
04/15/2010 10:22AM
Linda S
I too am a native. Wow has this city changed. I forgot to mention Fred & Faye and Montgomery Ward's 10 story building on Broadway and to visit Santa you had to go up to the 8th or 10th floor. Thanks for bringing back such great memories, I call it exercisng my brain so I won't get old
04/15/2010 11:10AM
When the only two sky scrapers were the 1st National Bank Building and the red Conoco sign. When 34th and Colorado Blvd was a dirt road When you could rent ski's for $12.00 for the weekend. And lift tickets at Berthound was $6.00 When I first came toDenver and stayed at the YWCA on 18th and Sherman for $12.00 a week.
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