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Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is an interesting holiday.  It's a day for love and romance that has it's origins in martyrs and really weird pagan rituals.  Throw in the St Valentines Day Massacre and it's a wonder there's anything romantic about the day at all!  It's also one of those confusing days for guys who wonder, "Is a card and flowers enough?"  "Is dinner and jewelry clever enough?"  "Is a home-cooked dinner and a bottle of wine sweet, or cheap?"  Lets face it, most guys really want to do the right thing, we just have trouble every now and then knowing what the right thing is.  They didn't teach us much in middle school about what women think, and what they like.  We did learn a lot about what a wet towel can do to someones backside in the shower and how to make body sounds with your armpit.  So, consider this an appeal from a middle-aged adolescent who needs your help.  What is the appropriate gift for Valentines Day?  Is a gift necessary at all, or do you women think like most men that Valentines Day is a conspiracy created by greeting card companys and flower shops to reduce inventory?  Please, post your thoughts and help us all.  Seems like every day should be Valentines Day if you're in love, not just one day a year.  But don't take my word for it.

02/09/2010 10:49AM
Happy Valentine's Day
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02/09/2010 11:29AM
Christine Krueger
You know, it all depends on the lady. My husband is fabulous 24/7/365, you know? But on Valentine's Day, it's nice to be treated a little more specially. Before Glenn and I met, my date wanted to take me to dinner on the Day, but had failed to make any type of reservations, so we ended up eating at a pancake house. Yikes! So when Glenn and I started dating, I suggested that I cook something special for him (because the way to his heart was definitely through his stomach), and thus our tradition was born. We cook something that's too expensive to have on a regular basis and that makes it very special. I give him gifts as well. He usually gets me flowers, but 99% of the time, they're potted so that we can plant them outside in the spring, if we manage to not kill them before then. I really like flowers, and there are times that I do wish he'd get me roses like other ladies at the office get. On the other hand, I enjoy those potted rosebushes for years! Gentlemen, if you're going to cook for your lady, do your best and clean up after yourself, too! Part of pampering someone is doing the whole thing -- not just throwing a steak on the grill while she does all the rest of the work. Whatever you do for your significant other, mean it from the heart, and that's all that will really matter, in the long run.
02/09/2010 2:33PM
Marsha Cummings
It's not the thing you give, it's the heart with which you give it. It should be sincere and creative! For instance, if you and your wife had a romantic trip to Paris, give her a charm brecelet with an Eifel Tower charm on it. Anyone can go buy flowers, candy wtc. That's not Personal enough! Write her a poem, have a song composed for her, Maybe send her an email during the day with a big Heart on it-you can cut and paste images from the Internet. I know this gets harder to do every year, but that keeps the romance alive and lets her know she's special.
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