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Heart Month Is Personal

It's been three-and-a-half years now since the Crandall world was turned upside down when Diane suffered a stroke, followed by surgery to repair the hole in her heart that led to the stroke. With time, and Diane's near complete recovery, I don't always think about August 6, 2006 when the stroke happened. But it is very much a part of my every day routine. Before I leave in the morning I kiss Diane on the forehead and linger long enough to make sure I hear her breathing. If I don't get a cellphone call by 10a I start to worry just a little bit. When I ask a question, and don't get a quick answer, I look to make sure she's not confused or having trouble the way she did the morning the stroke occurred. We were blessed the first time because we had an immediate sense of what was happening and acted quickly. Thank God for all the doctors that have been on the radio station over the years sharing warning signs! Do you know the signs?
February is Heart Month and you can read more about Diane's experience on the front page of our website. If you have questions about what she went through as a stroke survivor, and what I learned as a care-giver, please ask. The rest of this month we'll answer those questions as honestly as we can. I also encourage you to visit the American Heart Association and Stroke Association websites. They have wonderful info there. Lets begin the conversation. You never know when you'll need it.

02/01/2010 2:36PM
Heart Month Is Personal
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