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American Flags

Of all the things I'll miss when we leave New England and return to Denver, I'll miss the American Flags the most. Sure the clam chowder is the best in the world, the scenery is amazing and I can never get enough of the ocean, that's all true. But seeing the American flag displayed on home after rustic home is inspiring. It seems every house has a flagpole, or porch flag, or banner, or bunting. Flags are on shirts and hats and bags and hang in windows and from trees. The unabashed patriotism of the people of New England should be a lesson to us all. No wonder they call their team the Patriots. It's displayed in every day life. I'll miss that when I'm home. We have a flag, or two in Denver but not the display you see here. I guess it was a Fall colors tour after all. Red, White and Blue!!

09/11/2009 4:38AM
American Flags
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09/13/2009 1:13AM
Thanks for sharing your journey with us Rick. I grew up in NJ and every summer we spent a week on Cape Cod when I was a teenager. During those weeks, my parents took us to the Plimoth Plantation, the Sandwich Glass museum, Boston, Lexington, Concord, the cranberry bogs, Old Sturbridge Village, as well as going to Herring Cove and Race Point beaches. We always stayed just outside of Provincetown (P-town as the locals called it) and your blogs have brought back some great memories from many years ago. I love the mountains here in CO, but I miss the smell of the ocean and the salt water spray.
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