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Perfect Retirement Job

There are ferry's that run between the islands in Cape Cod. One goes from Hyannis Port to Nantucket. Another from Hyannis to Martha's Vineyard. One of those ferry's is run by Hy-Line Cruise Line and the crew is made of largely by a group of older guys. Guys who work a couple shifts a week as a retirement job. On our ferry ride to and from Nantucket we meet Michael who works the snack bar and tells stories during quiet times at the counter. He's from Lafayette. Yep, just north of Denver. He moved out here about 8-years ago looking for a change in scenery when he retired and boy did he find it. Two or three times a week he boards the ship and makes new friends as he serves coffee and pastries. He lived in Lafayette 30-years before he moved and he misses it some, but thinks he's found the perfect retirement job. He keeps busy, he gets to meet new people and the views are spectacular. Sailing past the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis and eventually into the harbor at Nantucket is pretty good duty for a 60-something year old who just doesn't want to sit at home and watch tv all week. Michael says he misses Colorado, but only a little. I can't blame him. Three days a week he's got his own yacht in the most expensive ports in the world. Pretty lucky guy!!

09/09/2009 4:11AM
Perfect Retirement Job
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