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Beautiful Boston

For the longest time we've heard the jokes about Boston and its Big Dig. That's the project that took the highway that ran through the city and moved it underground. It also created the tunnel to Logan Airport. It cost billions of dollars, took 15-years longer than it was supposed to and sprung a leak. Now, the good side of the project is starting to show and downtown Boston is absolutely stunning. I remember the old days when the noise and delays were horrible. There's still lots of traffic congestion, but where the highway used to be is now gardens and walkways. There's lots of green in the city and it's beautiful. Of course there's also history and as we toured Boston you couldn't help but be a little patriotic and taken with the stories of those that fought the American Revolution. It's cool to stand where the Declaration of Independence was first read aloud to the people. It's cool to sit in the Old North Church and know the story of one if by land two if by sea. It's cool to see the U.S.S. Constitution and Bunker Hill and Quincy Market. We had a beautiful day with sunny skies and end of summer temperatures and I fell in love with Boston all over again. If you've never been you really should come. Today...cranberries and pilgrims. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!!!

09/07/2009 3:48AM
Beautiful Boston
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09/08/2009 12:59AM
Nancy Hodson
Ok you guys, have a Great Trip! BUT.. CNN just said there were Great White Shark sitings from the Cape Cod beaches! We want you all to come home safe and sound Be Careful!! lol Miss you, Nancy
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