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In the coming month I'll be hitting two career milestones that I can't quite get my arms around, and I have long arms!! The first happens on Wednesday, May 17th, when we broadcast the 5000th edition of the Breakfast Club. Think about that. 5000 times I've sat behind the microphone in the KEZW Studio and shared the morning with you. Over those 5000 sunrises I've interviewed countless celebrities and hundreds of hometown heroes. One of those shows was broadcast from the American Cemetery above Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. Another came from aboard the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor on the 60th anniversary of the December 7th attack. Each show had its own special moments and both contributed to my ongoing effort to honor all our fallen heroes with the construction of the Colorado Freedom Memorial.
The second milestone comes June 17th when we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Breakfast Club with a special broadcast from the Wellshire Inn. The Wellshire was home for our Friday morning broadcasts for over 7-years and the site of some incredible shows. It was there that Captain Rober Morgan, pilot of the Memphis Belle during WWII joined us. So did countless other actors, singers, war heroes, athletes and authors who shared their stories and talents. The Wellshire was also where our daughter Sara had her wedding sendoff and granddaughter Larissa had her coming out party at age 4-weeks!! I'm often asked what my favorite memories are of the last 20-years at KEZW and I don't really know how to answer that. It has seemed to me, for the most part, to have actually been like watching someone elses life. Who gets to interview the likes of Julie Andrews and Tony Bennett and Mel Torme and Perry Como and Maureen O'Sullivan and John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin and John Denver and so many others? Who gets to mingle with Medal of Honor recipients and travel the world with listeners? I have stood at Pearl Harbor with 9-11 first responders and WWII veterans as they embraced one another. I have been in the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach, with only one other living person there after it had closed for the day. I have been at my best friends bedside and watched as she spoke her first complete sentence's after her stroke, reciting the Lords Prayer, and knowing she would recover. I have known so many blessings in my 20-years at KEZW and there are not enough days left in my life to repay everyone who has made this journey possible. It has been more enjoyable because I had my buddy Diane at my side, and you close at hand. Thanks for sharing these last 5000 mornings, that add up to 20-years. It has been an incredible adventure, and we still have lots more to do!! Thanks.

05/15/2011 9:03AM
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