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This morning while I was doing my radio show on KEZW I received a call from Lucy. It seems I have known her forever, but really it’s just been 39 years. When Diane and I graduated from high school Di started working at Woolworth in Buckingham Square and Lucy was there. She soon became something of a guardian angel for the two of us, keeping a watchful eye on these two teenagers who had fallen in love and didn’t have half a brain between them. We knew we wanted to get married and take on the world, we just didn’t quite realize how big the world was! Well Lucy had seen some of the world and gently nudged us along the right path until I joined the Air Force and we moved. For 25-years we lost track of one another until one day I got a call in the KEZW studios and heard a voice say, “Do you remember me?”
Two months ago Lucy and Diane and I talked about the Colorado Freedom Memorial right after the concert the night before the dedication. Lucy told me how proud she was and how proud my Mom would have been and as we parted for the night she said she would make lunch plans and be in touch. Just this morning I answered the phone in the Studio and it was quickly obvious that we wouldn’t be having lunch. Instead we talked about our daughter Sara’s christening, when Lucy held her and she cried the whole time. The Priest had leaned over and told Lucy, “They only cry when you pinch them!” We laughed about that this morning. And we talked about how fast time goes by and we talked about how loved Lucy is by so many. I told her that was because she had loved them all first. And we talked about how much we loved each other. I told Lucy to call me whenever she wanted, she said she would and we hung up. I’m certain it’s the last time I’ll ever speak with Lucy. 
Earlier this week a close friend of hers had called me at the station with the news that Lucy had been diagnosed with advanced cancer and would likely only live a couple weeks. Up until a week ago she never felt sick, and now she has just a few days left with us. She’s at home, happy to be surrounded by her family. Diane went to see her this afternoon and spent a couple hours with Lucy, just the two of them reminiscing about our life’s journey. When Diane and I fell in love there were three people in the world who believed we could succeed at this marriage thing. I was 18 and Diane was 19 and what did we know about love, and taking care of ourselves and making a way for ourselves? Dick Moosman, our high school drama teacher and best man at our wedding, my Mom, who embraced Diane like a daughter she had always wanted and Lucy were the three. When Lucy leaves us all three will be gone. My Dad is still with us and lives close but he’s been a little under the weather as well. My best friend is always with me but I feel like I need to be Diane’s protector. The time has come for me to be the grown up. Soon I will be the oldest remaining relative on our family tree and it frightens me. Is it silly to be nervous about facing the world alone when you’re 57? 
I am on the verge of being the elder, with only the memories of those that went before me to guide me. I suppose if I have listened well I will know what to say when the time comes for wisdom; If I have watched well I will know the time for holding, and the time for letting go; If I have loved well I will be loved in return when it is most needed. Thank you Lucy for finding us on your journey and sharing your love and wisdom. We’ll keep trying to make you proud and I’m holding you t that lunch, wherever we end up sharing it. I love you.

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08/05/2013 2:32PM
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09/21/2013 1:11PM
Return of the PURPLE HEART
Rick This is the story that I told you a bought on Friday. Thanks Jim "Hello “Patriot Guard” Organization, First let me say that I just recently was made aware of your organization and would very much love to get more involved in the future. Currently I have my own Mission to finish. It is a long story but If you have the time I would like to share it with you… Over twelve years ago, In my Ex’s home I discovered a box with old “war department” and personal letters in a closet of his grandparents. When I got to the bottom the box I discovered ….. Yep that is correct a PURPLE HEART medal. (Pictures are attached). No one in his family could tell me who this soldier was or why his grandparents had the Medal and Letters…. I took the box home with me that day and my journey began…. I spent countless hours researching who this soldier was…. Where he was killed, where he was buried …. Who his parents? Was he married? Did he have children? What I discovered was a heartbreakin truth. Yes he was married and had one infant daughter that he never got to meet. Her name was Peggy Arlene Eddington, born Feb 5, 1944. Her father PVT John F Eddington was killed a short four months later in Italy, on June 27, 1944. I was able to find that he was buried at Jefferson Barracks here in St Louis, MO. He was originally from a nearby small town called Leadwood, MO. I tracked his daughter to Nevada but never could find current residence for her. I am proud to say after a lot of friends and complete strangers started spending time doing their own searches and information started coming together one lead, led to another …and within a few weeks I had found her grandson, which led me to her son and then to Peggy! … I was overjoyed!! Then began the plan of how I was going to save or raise enough money to get me to Nevada myself to return the Purple Heart and Letters to Peggy. See the thing I haven’t explained yet is I have spent years haunted by a TWO PAGE LETTER written on Feb 27, 1944 (Peggy being only three weeks old) by her father from Italy, saying how much her daddy loved her etc…. He was killed just a short four months after writing that letter. Peggy never knew this letter existed until I spoke with her on the phone. She has never seen her father’s Medal!!!! My friends began trying to help raise money to get me to Nevada. One of my friends sent the story to our local television station for this “PAY IT FORWARD” segment they do…. Here is a link to the story and video of them surprising me in my office… I was shocked to say the least! http://fox2now.com/2013/07/12/pay-it-forward-donna-gregory/ I would like to be the one to personal hand her father’s letter to her but It would be MY HONOR to maybe have a WWll Vet or someone from the military actually hand the medal to her! She Lives in Dayton, NV near Carson City. Thank you for all you do!! Donna Gregory"
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