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Lobster 101

One of the things you must do when you come to Cape Cod is have a Lobster Dinner. It's like seeing Pikes Peak in the Springs, or the Coors Brewery in Golden. It's just what you do. But this isn't ordering a Lobster for Dinner, this is participating in the Lobster Dinner. And there we were, all 45 of us, minus four who don't like seafood, dressed in bibs and armed with crackers and small forks ready for the challenge of eating Lobster. Our guide had even shown us a video on our bus on how to properly open a Lobster. This is serious business! After much anticipation, and some nervous laughter, the kitchen doors opened and our came plate after plate of Lobster, corn on the cob, red potatoes and mussels. I watched as most of our group ate the potatoes and corn first, then some ate the mussels and finally all that was left was the Lobster. Cautiously one, then the other picked the beautifully red-colored creature up, closed their eyes and started cracking. Most of you know this becomes a treasure hunt. Cracking and prying and peeling in search of claw meat and tail meat followed by screams of joy when a piece was found! Now Lobster juice was flying everywhere as KEZW listeners encouraged one another and lobster after lobster was cleaned of its treasured meat. The smiles told you the group had survived, and actually had a little fun. It was a great time and one of those experiences that keep bringing people back on our trips. We still have work to do as several of the group left the restaurant and walked on the bus with their bibs still securely fastened around their necks! I did ask if anyone wanted another and didn't get a single yes. Some experiences are meant to be shared only once!!

09/09/2009 3:31AM
Lobster 101
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