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Has It Really Been 35-Years Since High School???

Yeah, it's really been that long since Diane and I left Aurora Central High School, arm-in-arm, and began our "adult" life together.  We've been pretty close to joined at the hip ever since.  Oh sure, we've had our share of ups and downs just like everyone else.  We've had good times and bad.  We've had success and failure and we've earned the little patches of grey that are starting to show up.  Don't tell her but Diane was always the girl I wanted to be with.  Ever since she was in the chorus with me for Central's 1971 production of The Unsinkable Molly Brown.  It took me three-years to convince her I was the right guy, but it worked out in the end!

I guess that's the story of most of our lives as we look back.  It seems to work out in the end.  Mostly.  We've been blessed with two great daughters, three wonderful grandchildren and more blessings than most.  I still think about high school a lot though.  I had a blast and I'm certain Diane did as well.  I'll share some of the stories of those days this Friday when I broadcast the morning show from the stage at Aurora Central where Diane and I met.  I'd love for you to share your favorite high school memories as well.  Send me something I can share Friday morning.  Memories are something we specialize in at Studio 1430.  We'll treat yours with care!!!

05/04/2009 9:41AM
Has It Really Been 35-Years Since High School???
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05/04/2009 12:59PM
Larry Smith
Hi Rick, When I was in high school the best thing I remember was 3:20 P.M. Now I would love going back to the Fabulous Fifties, and running through high school all again. Too many great memories to single any one out as the best. Larry
05/07/2009 6:18AM
Andrew Paschetto
Good morning, Rick. I had the good fortune in my senior year to have gotten the starring role in my favorite musical, "My Fair Lady". The fellow playing Col. Pickering was a good friend of mine, so it was extra fun. More than that, however, I remember being one of a team of athletic trainers in my sports program - you know, the guys who tape up football players and run on the field with smelling-salts? The head trainer was a teacher named "Doc" Porzio. He was a great friend and mentor to me, and I spent most afternoons with him in the training room chatting and waiting for the next sprain to roll through the door. I'll never forget him.
05/07/2009 6:25AM
Christine Krueger
I was always on the "fluffy" side, mercilessly teased during elementary school. My favorite high school memory was the spring play my junior year. I had always participated in the drama productions at Lutheran High School. In the spring of 1977, we did a performance of a play called "The Curious Savage", about a woman who'd inherited her much older husband's millions and was trying to hide the money from her step-children who wanted it (they were all wealthy and didn't need the money, they just didn't want Mrs. Savage to have it). Well, I apparently performed the part of Ethel P. Savage pretty well, and people who'd teased me in elementary school would stop me in the hall and tell me I'd done well in the play. High school years can be hideous, as young people are struggling to figure out who they are, or who they want to be. Self-esteem can be very low -- but that week around our production of the play definitely had me on a high point. Christine (Fredericksen) Krueger
05/07/2009 7:23AM
Gary Smith
Rick, we must have gone to different schools together... Helen and I have been married 37 years and dated through high school too. We actually met in the 9th grade, but it took until the 11th grade that we seriously dated, and then married four years later. We went to Pueblo South which seemed like a huge building then. Now when walking though it, it seems much smaller. Interesting how time changes your perception of things. We're of course now working up to our 40th anniversary of graduation! Can't be possible... Enjoy your visit back to Central - sounds really fun. Be sure to get your hall pass though if you leave the assigned area for your broadcast!
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