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Happy New Year...Where Are You???

"Should Old Acquaintence Be Forgot..."  Many of us started the New Year with the familiar strains of Auld Lang Syne.  Just doesn't seem like it would officially be a New Year if that didn't play.  For some reason the song struck me differently this year thean it has in the past.  Seems to me many an old acquaintence has been forgot.  I was surprised when I stopped to think about the number of people I haven't heard from in months, and years.  Once great friends and avid listeners who I haven't shared a word with in a long, long time.  That makes me sad.  Had I known the last time I saw them, or talked with them it would be the last, I would have said thanks for the friendship, or good luck in the future.  I might have even asked them to stay in touch.  So many people are responsible for who I am today, and the success I've enjoyed, and the tragedy's I've overcome and I'm sure I didn't get a chance to properly thank them.  Maybe that'll be my 2010 resolution.  Always acknowledge a kidnness, always be grateful and never let an old acquaintence be forgot.

01/05/2010 7:50AM
Happy New Year...Where Are You???
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