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Happy 19th Anniversary

On June 17th, 1991, I walked into a very small and very cluttered KEZW on-air studio to do my first shift as host of the morning show. The name Breakfast Club came on the 2nd day so that first morning it was just me and the folks on the other side of the radio. The studio still had turntables in it and I couldn't really have visitors because there was no place for them to sit. Our audio board was old and so was everything else I was looking at. My shift went from 6a to 9a and then I went down the hall and did 10a to Noon on KOSI. The owners at the time had asked me to do the morning show just long enough for the station to be sold and they didn't really expect the format to stay the same. I was kind of like the Captain of the Titanic, except something funny happened on the way to the iceberg. We missed it. Yep, we kept the ship afloat and here we are 19-years later still sailing. The first nmorning I was on the air I received 3 calls, all asking where the old guy was. The first contest I did was call-in to win tickets to a concert. No one called. The first remote I did was at a factory glass outlet. I sat out front with a 7-piece German Band for two-hours. Not a single person came by. Gunther just stared at me for two-hours. Well, things have certainly changed haven't they. In the 19 ensuing years KEZW has gained a reputation as one of the legendary stations in the nation. We have been nominated for radios highest honor, the Marconi Award, eight times and have won the honor once. I was a finalist for national personality of the year as well. We have raised millions of dollars in donations and in-kind contributions to charities across the state. We have become the station of choice for Colorado's military community and we champion senior causes too. We are the top rated big band station in America and we're enjoyed around the world on our internet stream. It hasn't always been easy, but nothing worth having is ever easy. We've had our share of naysayers and we've been close to extinction more than once. Thing is, you can never underestimate the power of relationships and the one KEZW has with its listeners is unique in radio. We could not have done this without you and I can't thank you enough. It's be a wonderful, crazy ride the last 19-years and with your permission we'd like to keep going for a few more. We still have lots to do! Happy 19th Anniversary Breakfast Club fans. I love you all!!!

06/17/2010 4:56AM
Happy 19th Anniversary
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