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An Italian Wedding


Friday afternoon was kind of overcast in Siena and the beginning chill of Autumn was in the air. We sat in the Campo, the main square of Siena, watching people and enjoying a glass of the local red wine. The Campo is where the famous Il Palio horse races take place every year. If you don't know of them you should find a story about them and see what an incredible event it is. So here in this special place in Italy we were living la dolce vita...the sweet life! And this would have been enough to call the day a success when all of a sudden, across the Campo, the doors to the church under the beautiful clocktower opened and out walked a bride and groom arm in arm. They paused for a moment to allow the photographer to get set up and slowly, clapping, and cheering, began to move from outdoor patios and restaurants around the Campo in a circle. Kind of like doing the wave at a baseball game. The bride lifted her bouquet and waved to everyone and a group of school children that were in the square on a class trip began to sing to them in Italian. Couples who had moments before been walking with each other, but apart, began to hold hands and put arms around one another. A British couple at the table next to us began to smile, and so did the Italians on the other side. A German tour group stopped and took pictures and cheered with everyone else. For 20-minutes this scene played out as the newlyweds made their way around the Campo. It was as if that one wedding had united us all making us part of the wedding party. I don't know how long this young couple will stay married, or what their future holds but I do know they were given a grand send-off to the rest of their lives together. Hundreds of people from all over the world, gathered in a Siena piazza, cheered their future, and reminded the rest of us that we all do have much more in common than we realize. All of us really want the same things. Shelter for our heads, food for our bodies, and someone to share the journey with. A great lesson learned in Siena. Sometimes your travels take you on a journey to foreign places, and sometimes they take you on a journey to yourself. When you get both...you're having a wonderful vacation!! Potete avere molti anni di felicità insieme!

10/15/2010 11:43PM
An Italian Wedding
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