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Am I Really Blogging????

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andersenguam200.jpgMy very first shift on the air was 33-years ago, on an August morning at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.  I was an Airman First Class hosting the Daybreak Show on American Forces Radio.  A few weeks after I went on the air I was busy at work when the alarms started going off on the teletype machine with the news Elvis Presley had died.  I still have the old yellow bulletins that printed out.  I had to stop the record I was playing to make the announcement.

Now, 33-years later I'm writing a blog, while the computer in the Studio plays the music.  I can click and drag a few songs, download some mp3's and update my Facebook page while I'm at it.  Then I can pre-record an hour if I have a meeting and no one's the wiser.  Wow.  The changes we've lived through are simply amazing.  IPODS instead of record players, ear buds instead of headsets, digital audio instead of scratchy records.  Radio on your phone and computers. 

8track.jpgI sort of feel like my generations' Andy Rooney.  I'm a member of the "older generation" now.  I long for a good 8-track player and electric typewriter.  Oh, I'm doing my best to keep up with the newest stuff, but when I'm alone I dig out the cassette tapes and note paper and actually write a letter.  It just seems like you're more in touch, when you actually have to participate, not copy and paste.  So, as I begin a new chapter and start blogging with listeners of Studio 1430 I hope you won't mind if I still dust off the vinyl every now and then for old times sake!

03/09/2009 8:49AM
Am I Really Blogging????
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03/09/2009 10:19AM
Tom Babcock
Holy cow, Rick! You're blogging! The next thing you know, you'll have an iPhone with a bluetooth device in your ear. I enjoyed your initial blog entry and your memories of records and 8-track tapes. Keep the memories and great music coming!
03/09/2009 5:15PM
Nancy Flanagan
Way to go Rick! I am proud of you for venturing into the "blogging world". Like you, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard that Elvis had died. You blog brought back many memories. Thanks.
03/10/2009 9:00AM
Rick Rokosz
What's that line about old dogs ? Not that it applies to any of us, but I remember when we got our first computer and my 6 year old had to show me how to start the darn thing. Why did they call it reboot any way? - See you tonight Rick. Cheers
03/10/2009 9:08AM
Gary Smith
Rick, Ok, my first blog entry... I never felt the need before, but since you're talking about "old" stuff, I'll share a recent experience... I needed to trade in my cell phone recently, and went into the local Sprint Store. A 19 year old greets me and asks what I'm looking for. This struck me strange as all they sell are phones. Anyway, I said I need to new cell phone. The 4 and 6 keys quit working on my old one and I could only call people without 4's and 6's in their number. This included my wife which was a problem. The kid is now looking at me a bit strangely. He asked what kind of phone I was looking for and I responded that I just need it to make calls, no video, no GPS, no MP3, no texting, etc. I'm sure he's now thinking any reasonable commission is gone, but he's still helping me. His next question was if there were any options at all I needed. I told him that I would need it to ring. The rest of the sale went really fast...
03/11/2009 8:52AM
Debra DeHague
I enjoy stories about your early days in radio. I remember when you mentioned that your theme song in Guam was Daybreak by Gary Manilow. I always think of that now when I hear that song. Keep up the blogging. I am about your age Rick, and our generation really can keep up with the times!
03/15/2009 2:33PM
Peggy Mc Coy
Rick, I just want to thank you for having the conversation with Hazel Miller last Friday. I went to the Gospel Buffet. The food was very good, but the program was the best "church" I've ever been in. This lady gave the message of Love in such an enjoyable, entertaining way.
03/15/2009 9:35PM
Tom Dailey
I was a Radioman in the US Navy, during Vietnam. Actually, I was pretty fresh out of bootcamp when the Cuban Missile "event" occured, and I recall how absolutely vulnerable I felt, on a "reefer" ship (most heavily armed icebox in the Pacific), in the middle of the ocean. Our ship went up the Saigon river in 1962 (yeah, that's before the official date of 1964). I was the Supervisor of the Communications Watch at COMTRAPAC COMMUNICATIONS in San Diego, the morning President Kennedy was killed. We heard it on an aux. receiver BEFORE it hit our teletypes - ringing bells and using the precedence FLASH FLASH FLASH. A very scary time for this sailor. I also recall sending the messages concerning the event, AND references to the Tonkin Gulf Incident (boy, do I know stuff about that), and the US's "official" entry into the Vietnam war - still have the "bug" telegraph key I used to do it. Served on the Naval Communications Station, Guam during VN (Rick was "up the road" at Anderson AFB where they lived WELL), and had some TAD in'country, as well, supporting the river squadrons. I'm proud as hell of my service, and God help the idiot who ever says ANYTHING bad about my country or any of the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, or Coastguardsmen who guard the ramparts today. Tom
05/07/2009 6:50AM
Mary Green
Oh, how I wish I could go back to those carefree days of High School. I was a member of the "pep club". We attended all the sports activites to support our beloved "Farmers" of WheatRidge High School. We had so much fun on the bus rides to Jeffco Stadium and then back to the school. We wore our uniforms proudly. The laughs and the carefree times were wonderful. My husband was a member of the band that played at all those games too! We will be married 42 years in June. He will retire from the Navy in January of 2010 after almost 35 years in the U.S. Navy!!!!! My son has taken up his love of service to his country and is proudly serving in the Navy too!
05/08/2009 5:42AM
Abbey St John
Rick, you just jogged my memory. We will be celebrating our 50th year high school reunion next year. I went to Lakeview High School in Battle Creek, MI. We were an old white school except for one black student which was in our class. We never ever gave it a thought about his color. He was very much loved and became our class MC.
06/02/2009 9:12AM
Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for writing.
06/24/2009 8:50AM
Tom Dailey
Rickster, Bless ya - on my "Phillips Gas Station" birthday, you played some Navy music for this old coot. As the BLOG came to you, the internet saved the show - listened to you that morning at a mountain cabin, via the webfeed - gawd, Progress is everywhere. KEZW rules!
07/06/2009 11:05AM
You know, I don't read blogs. But yours is really worth beeing read.
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