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.79 Shaving Gel

I was with our grandchildren the other day, up to some kind of mischief like usual, and one of the boys picked something up and said, “This smells like Poppi”.  I immediately turned around to see what he was holding, assuming the worst, and saw him clutching a t-shirt of mine. The other two took the shirt and made the same pronouncement, “Yep, this smells like Poppi for sure.”  So I took my turn at the smell test, inhaled deeply and recognized my .79 cent a bottle After Shave Gel. I turned to the three of them and said, “Is that a bad thing?”, and they replied very emphatically, “Oh no, we like that Poppi smell!, and off they went to explore the world of trampolines and roly-poly bugs.

They are far too young to know this now but for the rest of their lives they will be reminded of Poppi when they smell .79 Gillette after shave gel. My legacy has been assured in the men’s toiletry aisle! Long after they’ve forgotten the computer we got them for Christmas, or the trip to the mountains, or the mending of scrapes and bruises, years from now when they are lost in lives of their own someone will walk by with that gel on and immediately they’ll remember Poppi. That’s funny because we spent days looking for the right Christmas present and I grabbed the shave gel in one second because it was on sale! But as I think of it, I remember many of my relatives that same way. My Grandfather on my Mom’s side had the prickliest moustache ever and whenever we saw him he’d give us a big kiss and my brothers and I would complain about how it hurt! I remember my grandmother for her wonderful laugh and how she said Ricky. She called me that until she died, long after I had told everyone else it was not cool to do. It was angelic when she said it. At some point in our lives we were imprinted by something special that creates a lasting impression of those we love. And 99 out of 100 times it’s the simplest of things, a moustache, a laugh, shave gel. What reminds you of those you loved most?

Some people aspire to greatness in deeds and accomplishments. Others make monuments from money they amass and things they collect. My lasting memory is being built on the shoulders of summer afternoons in the swimming pool, throwing grapes in the air and catching them in my mouth and .79 shaving gel. Thank you Gillette for assuring my grandchildren will always remember their grandfather

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08/09/2012 10:19AM
.79 Shaving Gel
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