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<< Operation Christmas Joy  We're gathering toys for the families of  deployed members of the Colorado National Guard. Find out how to help.

<< Veterans Fair  Looking for someone who was at the fair?   Find the complete list of resources and contact information from the 6th Annual Veterans Fair. 


Program Schedule
Mon-Fri 6am-12pm ... Rick Crandall's Breakfast Club
Mon-Fri 12-6pm ... The Afternoon Lounge with Steve Edwards
Mon-Fri 7-8pm ... When Radio Was
Mon-Fri 7-Midnight ... KEZW After Hours
Mon-Fri Midnight-6am ... Studio 1430 Night Sounds
Sat 6-7am ... Paid Programming
Sat 7-9am... Ask The Garden Pros with Jim & Keith
Sat 9-10am ... Mr. Fix It with Paul & Debbie
Sat 10-11am ...
The Ultimate Retirement Planning Show with Farrah Tax Advisory
Sat 11am ... Boomtown
Sat 12-2pm ... Lifestyle Programs 
Sat 2-3pm ... Money in Motion
Sat 3-4pm ... Lifestyle Programs
Sat 4-6pm ... The Great American Songbook
Sat 6-7pm ... Star Spangled Radio Hour
Sat 7-9pm ... Sounds of Sinatra
Sat 9pm-Sun 6am ... Studio 1430 Night Sounds
Sun 6-7am ... Studio 1430 Timeless Favorites
Sun 7-7:30am ... Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Sun 7:30-8:00am ... KEZW Music
Sun 8am-6pm ... Studio 1430 Timess Favorites
Sun 6-8pm ... Radio Deluxe with John Pizzarelli
Sun 8pm-6am ... Studio 1430 Night Sounds
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